Gen. Musharraf Speaks to Talat Hussain at Aaj

Posted on May 19, 2007
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Adil Najam

Following the targeting to Aaj TV station during the May 12 riots in Karachi, Gen. Pervez Musharraf gave an exclusive long interview to Talat Hussain and Aaj, much like he had given an interview to Geo after the attack on Geo. Here is a how it went.

President Gen. Musharraf + Live with Talat – 1/7

President Gen. Musharraf + Live with Talat – 2/7
President Gen. Musharraf + Live with Talat – 3/7
President Gen. Musharraf + Live with Talat – 4/7
President Gen. Musharraf + Live with Talat – 5/7
President Gen. Musharraf + Live with Talat – 6/7
President Gen. Musharraf + Live with Talat – 7/7

Thanks to Saad for putting this on YouTube and sharing.

111 responses to “Gen. Musharraf Speaks to Talat Hussain at Aaj”

  1. Najam ul Hassan says:

    Sir i am najam from bahawalpur, i was under national internship programe, now i am unemployed like 31,000 pakistanies, what can we do now after geting education and experince, pleas help us youth of pakistan, our polititions are selfish, please creat preasur for us , media can help us, we are protesting still but……we are in very dengrous situations with our families. if you want i can provid information

    najam ul hassan

  2. Amir Afsar says:

    What actually is happening is hidden, and what is being presented is not happening. So to say:

  3. Saifullah Khalid says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,


    1- I want to draw your kind attention to a very critical and important Issue of Islamic Republicof Pakistan.

    2- Sir, Govt. of Pakistan started a Program Named

  4. Zafar Bokhari says:

    I think Musharraf is better than looter: BB & NS. Since he does not belong to Jagirdar class, therefore many people are not very comfortable with him. He is one of the best leaders we had in 60 years. No party has ever given any Economic and Business Development Plan for Pakistan. rather these politicians have looted the country. People can not live in USA or EU with working for two months even, how-come BB and Sharifs live many years very lavishly. This is looted wealth from poor Pakistanis. Can CJ or SC can take this notice?????

  5. an77 says:

    I think Musharaff is a great leader……..We need to realize that every country has its dark realities and pakistan is no exception….Being en expat i would like to say that musharaff’s forign policies are the best and our country badly needs him. Just imagine if musharaff is gone and benazir takes over what would happen?? we dont want money launderers ruling our country ones again or do we?? and please people be REAL and for god’s sake stop calling saddam and musaraff buddies!!! there is a HUGE difference between the pakistan before mushraff’s rule and the pakistan today!! One thing that i wanted to say but could’nt anywhere was that it is very very amusing to see people like nawaz sharif offering their condolences to media on ban of some progs!!!What the heck…..i think he has forgotten his times when he did not let the media even speak against him and there was ony one GOVERNMENT OWNED channel which spoke the words of nawaz shariff only!!!

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