Lal Masjid Storm Chinese Massage Parlor and Kidnap 9

Posted on June 23, 2007
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Jamia Hafsa-brothel caseIn another dramatic development last night, dozens of armed Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa students stormed into a Chinese Beauty Parlor (massage centere) and kidnapped 9 people including 6 women and 3 men. All people are apparently of Chinese nationality. The incident occurred late Friday night.

According to Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa students, a brothel was being run under the name of massage centre and they have held Chinese men and women hostage for ‘Islah’.

I was watching Geo News just a few minutes ago and Chinese Government has strongly condemned this incident and demanded an appropriate action. Daily Times reports:

Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa students raided a Chinese massage centre in Sector F-8/3 and took hostage five Chinese nationals, including three women and two men, on late Saturday night in Islamabad, Geo television reported. According to the channel, two vehicles full of armed seminary students raided the massage centre, abducted the staff and brought them to the mosque. Geo reported Jamia Hafsa administration as alleging that a brothel was being run under the garb the massage centre. The Lal Masjid clerics could not be contacted as they had switched off their mobile phones. Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) officials reached the seminary and were trying to secure the release of the abducted Chinese through dialogue, it reported. Earlier, the students had abducted an alleged brothel owner and released her after a couple of days. They had also abducted and later released two police personnel.

This is another very serious act after holding policemen hostage for several weeks. I am really worried about this new trend of kidnappings. This is becoming ‘I don’t like you so I am going to kidnap you, beat the hell out of you and fix you (Islah)’. I wonder what is next? If government tries to settle this matter by force, the results could be a bloody clash and loss of life. Surely, this time a serious action will be taken.

I agree with the argument that brothels exist everywhere in today’s Pakistan. But is this the right way to do Islah? If our security and law enforcing agencies do their job properly, such incidents can never happen. Just blaming students of Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa is no good. The failure and inability of State of Pakistan to act when most needed, is equally responsible for this embarrassing situation and making us all look like a nation of extremists (both ends), illiterate ignorants and a bunch of fools.

What is Government of Pakistan is going to do? Why can’t we have a permanent solution to this embarrassment? Tough question.

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  1. FSK says:

    Poor chinese bahi, humari larai mein waisay he maaray gaye!

  2. tariq mustufa kashmir says:

    Asalamu-Aliekum vrvb.
    It is to the all pakistani people who are backing the high drama of ignorant Lal Masjid Runners. Do you know anything about research and development in the scientific field? please be a true muslim. These extrimist portion of muslims like Lal Masjid Runners, are embarassing and threat to the Islamic World. Do you know any Mullah who has backed the scientific development in the region? The true muslim in the eyes of Allaha is who advocates the research and development in the scientific field among the muslims and non-muslims. Islam is the religion of knowledge but how we present this to the world? It is strange that lalmasjid people are really backward and stone age people.
    I feel that if we want to be developed in true sense then we have to set free every human according to his wills under rules and regulations determined by the Islam and the modern circumstances. For example why u want to stop brothels operating in your region. If you are true muslims, then they will stop automatically as noone will visit them. Then you blame them for this when you yourself can,t stop going there. It is very strange that you go to the mosque and alos you visit the brothel. Please be of one nature otherwise you make adultary and confusion to the concept of Islam.
    Islam has freed all the human beings from pressures and burdans but at the same time it has washed our minds from all the evil. I hope all of us will be true muslims in true sense, Insha Allaha. WASALAAM.

  3. mazhar butt says:

    Peacenik >>>.

    As a Muslim you seem to forget that we are supposed to have blind faith in our religion, especially the holy Quran and its teachings. If someone doubts it or question its status, as is the case with of some surahs not yet clearly understood due to the ‘incapacity of human brain’, he is not following his religion. If a Christian says ‘Jesus is God” he may be wrong but he is right if he sticks to his belief. Similarly it goes on with followers of other religions. However, a few muslims unfortunately feel pride in mocking their own religion and criticizing it just for the sake of criticism. This is where they are wrong. Instead of trying to learn their own religion they blindly follow ”personalities’ and are overwhelmed with whatever they hear from their mouths. Instead they ought to ponder and learn by themselves. Often It’s a matter of simple commonsense. As for intolerance to criticism I may add that Muslims usually do not like criticism of their religion or beliefs. No one does.Not even a christian or a Hindu for that purpose. The criticism you find in the West is mainly due to their socio-cultural structure. Change that and they would stop criticizing. Martin Luther criticized and brought revolution in the Christian world. Only healthy criticism is tolerable not abusive and slanderous one which please note.

  4. mazhar butt says:

    The ‘protesters’ at the Lal Masjid could be simply termed as dissidents and it is by no means fair of the military or the military regime to take such bloody action against them. If Pakistan were were a democratic country as bragged about by the government and the pro-democrats of the country, fascist action such as the present one could have been avoided. Unfortunately, I feel sorry to say that most of our people are ‘hypocrites’, especially in the governing sector, and it is expressly stated in the holy Quran that muslims are free to wage a Jihad against them Consequently, the attitude of the Hafsa mosque group is not totally unjustified as they are certainly up against the hypocrites…..the hypocrites who are afraid of enforcing any version of Islam in the country, who knowingly allow brothels to be run and are infact earning from them, those who indulge in narcotics, human smuggling, rape, murder, bribery, corruption,robbery and stealth of public money,who live beyond their means, indulge in nepotism, usurp national resources, intimidate people, bungle away Zakat funds,etc, and those that are fattening on the national exchequer. After all some has to voice its proptest against them. Why then blame people at the Hafsa Mosque?

  5. Waqas Ahmad Qureshi says:

    I was surprised when i heard about such a funny story of “MULLAS” of lal masjid.What is this, actually mulla mean the leader of whole nation but ……? So I m in relly sad condition.

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