Police Action, Pakistan Style

Posted on July 9, 2007
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Adil Najam

Beware folks! If you ever have to visit a Police Station in Pakistan, make sure your car is not blocking the gate otherwise true to their motto which is: police ka hai farz, madad aap ki (it is our duty to help you) they might take swift action and help you in long term parking there by deflating your vehicle tyres. The notice below is from a Police Station in Pakistan.

There is, of course, much that can be read into this. The most obvious candidate might be the police action now going on in the Lal Masjid. Of course, we at ATP could use it as yet another notice to our more shararti friends (see earlier post here). Owais may well choose to replace the picture in the comments section with this one for a while. There is, more sinisterly, the dark and shameful side of police action that we have also tried to show (here and here). But, for now, let me chalk this up as one more piece in my ongoing fascination with Pakistani cops (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and more).

Photo Credits: We found this picture at Flickr in Tango 48’s photo stream.

15 responses to “Police Action, Pakistan Style”

  1. M.Tahir says:

    Blocking a drive way or parking lot for some one will subject to 120 pounds ticket in UK.
    This penelty is relatively cheap.

  2. ive had an experience just minutes ago and seeing this photo has given me a chance to vent out. driving to my internship this morning i was slammed THRICE, upon no provocation, by a landcruiser (me in my humble alto). the right lane was empty so he could have easily overtaken me, but he chose to try and drive over me. my bumper is busted and the break light cracked. he proceeded to ‘cut’ savagely in front of me, gloating on his ‘victory’, i almost spun out of control!!!. recovering from the shock i caught a glimpse of his number plate. GOVT!!!
    shock turns to blind rage. i think ive shouted my share of obscenities then. and for the first time ive put a curse dua without feeling regret.
    excuse me while i type some four letter words elsewhere………^_^

  3. Shazia Rubab says:

    sometimes the “biting” issues are so many and bite so hard that a post like this is absolutely welcome because it makes us smile and pulls us back up just a little from the deep hole of depression we fall into.

  4. WASIM ARIF says:


    I wonder if this is really such a big issue given the prevailing environment. Surely a post on the impending CJP judgement, APC and its fallout and Mushy’s uniform and presidential election are far more ‘biting’ issues. All of which are discussed in terms of a new Pakistan movement taking shape on Other Pakistan at http://www.otherpakistan.org and which I believe should enjoy wider coverage via a guest post via ATP so others can join in saying their piece, so how about it?



  5. well anything parked along the Police station is a Police property so they are on the right lol.

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