Police Action, Pakistan Style

Posted on July 9, 2007
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Adil Najam

Beware folks! If you ever have to visit a Police Station in Pakistan, make sure your car is not blocking the gate otherwise true to their motto which is: police ka hai farz, madad aap ki (it is our duty to help you) they might take swift action and help you in long term parking there by deflating your vehicle tyres. The notice below is from a Police Station in Pakistan.

There is, of course, much that can be read into this. The most obvious candidate might be the police action now going on in the Lal Masjid. Of course, we at ATP could use it as yet another notice to our more shararti friends (see earlier post here). Owais may well choose to replace the picture in the comments section with this one for a while. There is, more sinisterly, the dark and shameful side of police action that we have also tried to show (here and here). But, for now, let me chalk this up as one more piece in my ongoing fascination with Pakistani cops (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and more).

Photo Credits: We found this picture at Flickr in Tango 48’s photo stream.

15 responses to “Police Action, Pakistan Style”

  1. baber says:

    Is it creative or destructive? I mean the implementation.

  2. Shazia Rubab says:

    Come on guys, let’s give the poor “thullas” a break. We don’t mind “Towing Enforced” signs in the U.S and are pretty careful to park our cars elsewhere. Let’s remember that with the kind of resources available to our police, that’s the best they can do. Isn’t that ingenious? Not that I didn’t chuckle looking at the sign!

  3. sharuk says:

    We have the best police/cops force in the world which could waive you ticket for little favor of 30-50 rupees.

  4. Farrukh says:

    Came back on to ATP after a long break…. so much has happened in between… but nice to see that the irreverant humor is still there with this picture!

    I actually like it. Shows a ‘can do’ attitude!

  5. baber says:

    I think they will steel the typers and sell them in chor bazaar. Why is this sign in english? Is there a urdu version?

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