ATP Quiz: Who Said This?

Posted on August 6, 2007
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Adil Najam

This one should be easy. Too easy maybe. But, then, the purpose of these posts is not really to test your knowledge. It is – like everything on this blog – to initiate conversations. To kindle thought. And maybe remind ourselves of things we should never have forgotten in the first place.

Anyhow, don’t read too much into that little stream of consciousness. Just go with your instincts; sometimes the heart is a better judge of history than the mind!

My opponents sometimes say: ‘This man is a dictator; he has all the power in his hands.’ How? I do not know. After all, there always has to be someone finally in charge whatever the system, be it parliamentary or presidential, a monarchy or a dictatorship. There are many to assist but, in the ultimate analysis, one man has to take the final decision. This has been the case throughout history, and it is so even today all the world over. If the man is chosen by the people and if he is a good man, he has to be trusted and given full co-operation.

To my knowledge there has never been so much freedom in this country as there is today. ‘On a number of occasions I have been accused, abused, and vilified, subjected to all kinds of rumours and slanders, all thoroughly unjustified and untrue, by some of the biggest blackguards in the country, and I have swallowed it. I have put up with it for the simple reason that I want to nurse and protect the system. I will not allow it to be demolished.

Because this one is as easy as it is, we will hope that you will share with us not only who said this, but also why, where and in what context.

47 responses to “ATP Quiz: Who Said This?”

  1. Hamza says:

    Ayub Khan, possibly an excerpt from his recently published Diaries.

  2. faraz says:

    As per new information from Adil, it has to be self declared field marshal Ayou Khan :).

  3. faiq says:

    Field Marshal Ayub Khan ..he wrote this thing in his book!!

  4. Ali Zain says:

    Could this be the the terminator himself, our own Mard-e-Momin, Mard-e-Haq, Gen. Zia-ul-Haq?

    I am thinking he said this after the referendum that he held during his dictatorship which he of course won overwhelmingly. Among other delusions that he had, one was that there has never been so much freedom in this country as is under his rule. Despite his pomposity and self-righteousness he recognised that he was hated and scorned and he ‘swallowed’ it just for the simple reason (ironically) to protect the system.

    But then again I may be completely wrong

  5. Kainat says:

    ZAB or AK

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