Political Parody: Mein HouN Naa

Posted on August 17, 2007
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Adil Najam

Some of the best political commentary anywhere in the world is done in humor. In Urdu we have a great tradition of political commentary in verse and some of the best poetry (a la Faiz Ahmad Faiz) is of this variety. What I present here is no Faiz – not even close. But it is a fun parody.

Pervez Musharraf – Parody By Dr.Muhammad Younis Butt

I found myself laughing out loud and replaying it immediately. Especially the first minute or so is very good (then, I thought, it became repetitive and maybe too long). But all in all, it is good fun, a nice spoof, and captures an element of truth about Pakistan politics today.

It is from the Geo TV show ‘Hum Sab Umeed Say Hain.’ As I had written earlier, this show along with ‘4-Man Show‘ and some others, is part of a “a new breed of television comedy skit shows – edgy, young, political, and irreverent.” The quality of these shows can be erratic, but I do believe that they are part of Pakistan’s ‘new political reality’ where people are now willing and able to say things out loud that they used to earlier share only with their close friends. (We have been writing about elements of this new political reality at this blog and I recently outlined some of its elements on the radio show Asia Pacific Forum when they interviewed me about this blog in their special August 14 transmission).

14 responses to “Political Parody: Mein HouN Naa

  1. LOLS that was hilarious very true though we have a hippocrate on our hands… god help our country

  2. khurram j says:

    classic – lolz

  3. Adil bhai,

    Very funny indeed, its a shame its so true that Mush thinks he is indispensable hence main hoon na!



  4. dawa-i-dil says:

    We are so “blessed” nation that our political leaders are more funny in real life than the parody itself…
    just look..at Bainazir..a leader of the most biggest party..but in feet of US congressmen to have her seat back …..

    look..man..160 millions are not significant for her…but licking feet of EU and US Senators is suitable for her..as its the shortest way to Pakistani PM house….

    look at the Altaf Hussain..240 mcases with 40 murdertesr but king of Sindh..with still massive support….

    50 innocent men lost lives ..on 12 May..just as MQM did not want the opposition to show its power in Karachi..as they showed in LAhore on 5 May….

    The feaudal Lords..Vaderas…Millitary Land Mafia generals..DHA Princes…Cantoment Chaukidars …Chaudris..bank rupters..debt eaters..NAB Zadai..Cheeni Chors..Mobile Khors..Steel Mil Daku…Stock Exchange Uchakkai….

    i wonder…out of 200 countries..you will not find such contrast..of colurs..Ranga rung mehfil….

    but as hadees..ruler is same as nation is….

    we all are responsible..why we blame others….so sad is this….

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