“Abb kaam chal raha hai faqat DOT COM se”

Posted on August 17, 2007
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Owais Mughal

hota tha pehlay ishq lifafay ki maarfat
ab kaam chal raha hai faqat ‘dot com’ se

Khalid Irfan is a New York based Urdu language poet. His poetry encompasses issues of Pakistan and Pakistani community abroad in a humorous style.

He is not new to ATP. Six months ago Shahran Asim of Urdu Talk Radio fame had an introductory post on him. Few days ago, he sent me the link to Khalid Irfan’s official website and that has prompted me to share more of his poetry with you.

(1) First qataa is titled as ‘Keeping a Distance’ and it talks in a lighter sense about the ditance that has creeped between different communities in the past few years.

(2) Following qataa is titled as ‘Scholar’ and it talks about the immigrnats who inspite of being meagerly educated in their home countries wrongfully act like scholars abroad.

(3) Following qataa is titled as ‘For the love of the Dollar’. It talks lightly about how seeking of wealth makes people loose out on their identity.

(4) Following qataa is titled as ‘Online’.

(5) Following qataa is titled as the Foreign Policy.

(6) Following qataa is titled as the ‘Night Full of Pain’ and humorously talks about how some leaders of developing world come to US, enjoy their stay as official guests and then go back without doing any thing good (e.g. lobbying/diplomacy) for the benefit of their people.

Credits: All the poetry above comes from Khalid Irfan ‘s official website here.

11 responses to ““Abb kaam chal raha hai faqat DOT COM se””

  1. Raza Rumi says:

    I also liked the last one. Cool stuff.

    Owais: congratulations on turning 100:)
    Adil Bhai has rightly praised your committment in managing ATP. Bravo!

  2. dawa-i-dil says:

    The poet has un leashed the bitter reality…

    either to rule like a lion ..without fear ..for 1 day

    or to seerve as a jackal for 1000 years…

    as quoted by legendary..Tipu Shaheed…

    we must have now to decide ..what we want out of 2 paths….

    either our self respect..honour..and izzat-e-nafs is more important..or minarates of dilollars is more important…

    just think ..about that…


  3. shahran asim says:

    Kudos to Owais on his 100th post,

    I am honored to be included in some way of this post. Although Khalid Irfan is a humorous poet but if you meet him he looks like a serious, shy person who does not talk too much.

  4. Roshan says:

    Owais Congratulations on your 100th post. I appreciate your consistency and commitment to keep ATP a unique blog.
    I liked the one with Kharja Policy (foreign policy), which shows biwi (wife) and country follow the same foreign policy.

  5. Indscribe says:

    Beshak Khalid Irfaan saahib kamaal kar rahe haiN. aala darje kii mizaaHiya shaae’rii har kisii ke bas kii baat nahiiN. Khalid Irfan se Urdu adab ko bohat tavaqqoaat haiN.

    And congratulations to Owais Mughal sahab.

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