T20 Cricket: India Beats Pakistan in a Thriller

Posted on September 24, 2007
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Adil Najam


India won the TwentyTwenty final in a thriller, after setting Pakistan 158 to win and then bowling Pakistan out (with three balls to spare) for 152. IK Pathan from India was names Man of the Match for very tidy bowling (3/16 from 4 overs) while Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi was named Man of the Series.

I have resisted writing about the Twenty20 Cricket Tournament in South Africa till now. But now I can resist no more. All is set for a thriller final game against India.

What more could one ask for… well, actually, one could ask for Pakistan’s TwentyTwenty winning streak to continue into the Final game against India in Johannesburg on Monday!

Pakistan is on a roll. And this is no fluke. The victories against Australia and Sri Lanka were brilliant and breezing past New Zealand in the semi-final today proved that this is not just a lucky streak.

The young team under a young captain and a new coach seems to have finally found its stride. And it is about time…

Much of our cricket coverage this last year has been depressing. Umpire controversies, a disastrous World Cup Exit, death of a coach, players misbehaving, and more. So, this good news is very welcome. It is all the more welcome because other news these days is much less than welcome.

Pakistan India friendship, cheering cricket fan

India, too, has had a spectacular T20 tournament. In fact, the most memorable moments of the tournament till now were the 6 sixes in an over by Yuvraj against England.

That the game between India and Pakistan in the T20 tournament had ended in a tie will make the anticipation about the final even more nail-biting.

Neither team goes in as favorites. Both go in on a roll. Its should be one great game!

130 responses to “T20 Cricket: India Beats Pakistan in a Thriller”

  1. Hashim says:

    shoaib apolagize to world muslims.
    I believe sports has nothing to do with religion and some one faith should be lot bigger than this game to talk about. Shoaib malik what had said to ravi was really i think not appropriate when you are representing your country. Remember there are number of other non muslims who support pakistan cricket team and these our cricket hero are still not mature enough to give proper statement. I saw many south africans who were supporting pakistan in the stadium.

    Its also the failure of our cricket board that they couldnot grown up our players ethically. Pakistan captain representing 160 mn peoples it is better to represent pakistan rather muslims of Pakistan. I don’t understand why we get involve religion so much in sports. islam is lot bigger than this game. However, i am proud we people here in pakistan respect person of any religion and they enjoy equal rights of citizens as our quaid had said.
    Hashim Ali,

  2. Shani says:

    youngsters still need to be tested in one day and test cricket.
    some of them have real potential and will come up as a good assest to Pakistan team.
    Omar Gull hats off for you, we are proud of you and hope you will not let down the nation…

    Winning or losing is part of the game, all we have to do is learn from our mistakes and don’t repeat them.

    Wishing good luck to Pakistan against KSA and India against Aussies.


  3. Abbas says:

    I agree, I think the youngsters in teh two teams were gd for T20 but many of them will find that it takes much more in the one day and Test game.

  4. Ram Janay says:

    Daikhoo bhai jab tak mazay ho rahay hay kar lo phir india or pakistan ko maar parhna shuroo ho jaye gee or hum sab apni hi teams ko galian day rahay hongay, jaisa abh tak hota aya hay or hota rahay ga.

  5. amit says:

    Hi, all Friends

    Cricket has shed its image as a dull, unattractive and lengthy sport after the

    spectacular success of the inaugural Twenty20 World Championship.

    The event, which ended on Monday with India beating Pakistan by five runs in a

    rousing finale, created such a stir that Twenty20 is now being hailed as a revolution

    that will change the leisurely sport forever.

    There were more thrills and excitement packed into two weeks of non-stop action

    than in the entire six weeks of the 50-over World Cup in the Caribbean earlier this


    Crowds thronged the three venues in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban as sixes,

    boundaries and heart-stopping finishes provided a cricketing spectacle unmatched in

    recent times.

    West Indian Chris Gayle slammed the first ever T20 century in the September 11

    opener, Zimbabwe stunned Australia, Bangladesh ousted the West Indies, Aussie

    Brett Lee took a hat trick and India’s Yuvraj Singh hit six sixes in an over.

    This is Relly Great Victory.

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