Posted on October 11, 2007
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77 responses to “Amanat Ali from Faisalabad Wins Indian Hearts”

  1. Dear Amanat, i have watched all your performances in sa re ga ma and at times my eyes have brimmed over with tears. your voice directly touches the heart…and i really appreciate your selection of songs. keep it up and our best wishes are always with you…….

  2. ib42 says:

    Where is this young artiste now? What has become of him? It will be a real shame if, because of all the anti-music and fundamentalism in Pakistan, he fades away before shining as the star he was born to be.
    I think that while it is great that India has given so much praise and love to Amanat, it is up to Pakistan to give him the status and recognition he is worthy of. If Pakistan cannot break away from it’s never ending problems, then he should accept it, and move to India permanently. Why fade away before your time, and be forgotten in the continuous state of crisis that plagues Pakistan?