What is it? ….. and the answer revealed

Posted on October 26, 2007
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Owais Mughal

This photo is courtesy of Mohammad Ali Musa. Can you guess what is this thing shown in the photograph below. The photo is taken in Quetta, Pakistan. Hints: This thing was more in use a generation or two ago than at present. No, it is not used as decoration. It is one component of a bigger instrument.

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  1. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Owais Mughal,

    I have just seen in your header, a mian ji reading
    newspaper with his Hoqqa with a big Chilam, I wish
    if you could enlarge the Huqqa, as one of our Huqqa
    at home is indentic.

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    well, all the respondents have so easily guessed it correct. I now feel embarrassed that I asked a very easy question. When I first saw the photo, i admit, I vcouldn’t figure it out until I read the description for it. Yes it is the ‘chilam’ part of a ‘hookah’.

  3. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Ovais Mughal,

    Ne chair aiy nik’hat bad-e-bahari, rah lag apni
    Tujhay ath’kelian sujhi’i hein, hum bezar bethaiy hein

    of course its a small size chilum of small straight huqqa
    which is not flexable, can not turn round, only portable
    light hoqqa, with 200 grms of tambaco and charcoal.

    But in my house we have Mughalai Petchwan, sculptured
    (floral antique) Hoqqa 1m high & 3 ltr used by Patriarch, with a kilo of chilum with 15 burning charcoal or “Sak”
    with atleast 400 grm tambacou from Okara punjab.
    This mughlai was used when we had old Kashmiris
    visiting us, they were all “addicted”smokers-cum
    -philosphers, specialists of Iqbal, Amritsar and politics.

    Another one was for the daily use, it was “neri wala” i.e
    you could bend it, turn round, rather small handsome
    quiet, making a different gur gur gur, we heard from
    Patriarch, Heer Waris Shah, Iqbal, Ghalib, Mir , Dard
    Dagh etc some evening’s Baithek in his enormous bedroom
    with his ugaldan, Chumta, Garari to release air from the
    bottom of the Chilum pushing, rather provoking,
    the “Chughal” (round stone to block any thing in the

    Then there was a Saffari huqqa, small, quiet, handsome,
    cute, taken with all the “lawazimats”. It was formally
    forbidden to “mishandle ” any of the three Huqqa clan.

    Thanks a lot for giving me this occasion to share
    our culture of “smoke”, which was, I must say, very
    culturel and intimate.

  4. sohail ahmed says:

    Dear Owais Mughal

    I am impressed with the stuff you people are trying to put forth. Please do it with a conviction; basic ideology on which
    this country is based upon, should always be kept in view. May Allah help you all. A misdirected nation is liable to ask for big trouble, although total destruction & annihilation, (God forbid) is not likely to happen.

    I read the news item today that Mr. Adil has been nominated
    for Nobel prize; it is heartening to note. Please convey from my side.

    Lots of prayers for your success.


    (A retired Telecom Engineer)

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