What is it? ….. and the answer revealed

Posted on October 26, 2007
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Owais Mughal

This photo is courtesy of Mohammad Ali Musa. Can you guess what is this thing shown in the photograph below. The photo is taken in Quetta, Pakistan. Hints: This thing was more in use a generation or two ago than at present. No, it is not used as decoration. It is one component of a bigger instrument.

9 responses to “What is it? ….. and the answer revealed”

  1. Naseer says:

    – Looking at at broadly- looks like a hangman’s noose-somewhat decorated- like a garland- can be used accordingly !!!

  2. ali says:

    Part of HUKAA

    Desi Smoking Item

    Filtered with water

  3. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    It is different sizes frontier style chilams of a
    small straight handy huqqah used in Pathan culture,
    made of clay and treated with polished (heat protected)

  4. Sadiq says:

    it is top of a ‘Chilam’ (you can call it a Huqqah too) mostly used in NWFP ……

  5. Kumail says:

    I am guessing its the part of a Sheesha/Hookah where you put tobacco. It goes on top of the Hookah.

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