Posted on December 15, 2007
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61 responses to “Emergency “Lifted”: Three Steps Back, Half a Step Forward”

  1. F.Khan says:

    About Swat…..And Taliban
    I am 25 year old .so i know evey things now.. We are Muslims and then Patan,,So Musharaf Hate from both of these.The peopls of Swat are very good and good mind peoples.
    So Musharf bring here some peoples and gave them named Mulana Fazal Allah (Mam deri Muvi) He gave lectures on Radio and maked the minds of the peoples well that what i am talking that is ISlam and which others telling all are not right. So after he told in Radio that fight with Solders and Police they are not Muslims and they are Only working for USA.
    So i think 8 monthes ago the war has been started in Swat and thousands of inocent peoples gone from this world.. So at lost we saw that there were no Talibon in Swat but all was Gave of Govt of Pakistan. and If Govt stop this Game so then USA will stop the money ..So ONLY for Money Pakistani Govt distring the Homes ,Lands and every things of the Peoples of Swat. Solders told that Govt orders them that never arrest any Talib. So till to this time they never kill or arrest Talibons.. and MUSHARAF playing his game well and we are looking to it .. Hope that God will Help Us because he Creat us.