Posted on February 20, 2008
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37 responses to “Pakistan’s First Water Desalination-&-Power Plant”

  1. Ashraf Anjum says:

    Its indeed a step forward in country’s economic and socail growth. In this era of global power shortage and energy crisis, we must think of utilizing the solid wastes to put in to productive utilization, its a tremendous source of enegy being dumped and polluting the over all environment throughout the country. A very special attention of the higher ups of the national energy sector is required. Certainly, any progress in this direction will have a postive impact on overall society and environment………….

  2. AmanUllah Khan says:

    Mr. FK. you are very much right. these, Assholes army officials and corrupter politicians are eating out country and economy. not only this plant all major projects have hi-level officials are involved and they eat from the pocket of common people. because they don’t pay a dam tax. Pakistan is the highest tax rated country in the world with no benefit to common man.