Sindhi Poetry at ATP: faasla

Posted on February 21, 2008
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Owais Mughal

This poem was published on February 20, 2008 in The Daily Kawish. Poetess is Shagufta Jabeen. I think it is a very beautiful poem. I have tried to translate it below the Sindhi text (next page), but my translation is a bit amateurish. Any correction or suggestions from our seasoned readers will be appreciated.


The walking feet of time
are always in motion
The last sunset of December
which made a dazzlng show of colors
was nothing but an illusion
In the small interval of passing time
Our love, hate, separations
and closeness
and all references to my personal self are erased
In the journey from being very close to become a stranger
I am only left measuring distances
I am only left measuring distances

One of my good friends, Abrar Siddiqui who claims to know more Sindhi than me has sent following translation. Please take a look:

Running against the time
Like always
The last sunset of December
So dyed in infinite colors
Has become nothing but an illusion
In this brief interlude of passing time
Our love, hatred, parting and greeting
And all that I am to myself
In a journey from consciousness to oblivion
Yet again…
Keeps on only scoping the differences

Mr. Latif Noorani, an avid reader of ATP has sent the following translation of the poem:

Tracing the footprints of time
Like always
Offering a scene
Of rainbow colours
The parting sun of December
Has become an illusion
But in that brief space of passing moments
Our affections, aversions, partings, meetings
And all references to our person
In the journey from familiar to unfamiliar
This year, too,
Scaled the distances alone
Scaled the distances alone…

Acknowledgements: Abrar Siddiqui, Zameer Soomro and Abdul Mujeer Qureshi
References: The Daily Kawish

25 responses to “Sindhi Poetry at ATP: faasla

  1. Ehsan Syed says:

    kitna durd-o-alam insaan,
    sukh ka koi nahin imkaan,
    ctera sadiyon ka wishwas,
    mera iss mein bhi hay gumaan,
    qutra pani ka tha kal,
    aaj samundar hay insaan,
    shafaq subah ki hay ya sham,
    shyam ye undar ka hay dhyaan.

  2. Ehsan Syed says:

    Walking on the stamps of time

  3. JQ says:

    Latif Noonari, thank you so much for the help. All I can say is “maza dobaala hogaya hai”… ;)

  4. anna says:

    LUVLY POEM …feelings are very deep & touching

  5. Latif Noonari says:

    JQ, I

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