ATP Quiz: What Is This? Where? Whose?

Posted on July 31, 2008
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ATP Quiz

The subject of this photograph has great historical importance. It requires immediate conservation effort to save it from complete collapse which is imminent. But lets first see how many ATP readers can guess a) what it is, b) where, and b) to whom it belongs? Happy guessing.

Answer and info about original photographer coming up in 2-3 days.

19 responses to “ATP Quiz: What Is This? Where? Whose?”

  1. Darwaish says:

    Looks like this ATP Quiz turned out be to an easy one. As many of readers rightly guessed, this is indeed Haveli of Raja Maan Singh I of Amber who was one of the most trusted generals of Mughal Emperor Akbar. The original photograph has been taken by Muzaffar Bukhari and readers can view more of his work here

    Unlike Qila Rohtas which is an example of Afghan architecture, the Maan Singh Haveli is an example of pure Hindu architecture.

    This is not an original structure of the fort. It was built by a general of Akbar, Raja Man Singh I of Amber. He died in 1614 so it must have been built between 1550 and 1614. It is a 2 storey building constructed with bricks and plastered neatly. Architecturally it bears no resemblance to the Qila Rohtas. A part of the structure has fallen away. There seems to have been 4 rooms out of which only one exists now.
    The existing room is 5.5 meters square and there are balconies on the outside of it. These balconies are similar to the one outside Sohail Gate. One could see the whole fort from these balconies.

  2. Muneeze says:

    I have also seen this, burji as rightly referred to by PMA, in Rohtas but I can’t remember what it was called. I doesn’t look like a haveli as some of the commentators are suggesting?

    Looking at the condition of this structure even in the picture, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use those stairs. Its dangerous.

  3. iceCube says:

    I don’t know what it is or whose it is, but I have seen this building. It is located within the walls of Rohtas Fort in Jehlem (or near Jehlem).

  4. PMA says:

    Maan Singh a general of Sher Shah Suri? Well, Mazar (Shrine) it is not. If that was the case, a) it would have not been in such a sorry state and, b) the dome would have been painted ugly green with a green rag on a bamboo rod hoisted atop.

  5. PMA says:

    This structure (or what ever is left of it) is a ‘burj’ (observatory) of a much larger building in Punjab. The architecture is representative of sixteen/seventeen century Pakistan. I know there was no Pakistan then, but that is what we call it today.

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