ATP Quiz: What Is This? Where? Whose?

Posted on August 29, 2008
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If you think this is an English countryside castle then you are wrong. This is a fascinating place of great historical importance located somewhere in Pakistan. Some ATP readers would immediately recognize it and other won’t. If you know this place then hold your answer for a while (but please comment and give a hint to others though). So lets see how many of you can guess a) what it is, b) where, and b) to whom it belongs? Happy guessing.

As usual, answer and info about original photograph coming up in 2-3 days.

40 responses to “ATP Quiz: What Is This? Where? Whose?”

  1. salman siddiqui says:

    governor house, nathiagali.

  2. Iftikhar says:

    I thought this was Wali-i-Swat’s home near White Palace in Swat. Good one. NWFP Governor is sure a lucky fellow.

  3. Amira Barki says:

    great quiz guys. one of my must visit place when i am in pakistan next year.

    Ch. Akbar Sahab: take a deep breathe and relax dude. enjoy the quiz.

  4. Ch. Akbar says:

    Actually Mr. Darwaish ypuare wrong on this one.

    This does NOT “belong” to the governor of NWFP. It belongs to the people of NWFP and the people of Pakistan.

    Unfortunately not only our political leaders but even we confused about how those who run gocernment are OUR SERVANTS nor our Masters. So, NO this does not BELONG to NWFP GOVERNOR

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