Posted on September 3, 2008
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25 responses to “Jashn-i-Faraz: My Encounter With Ahmed Faraz”

  1. mumtaz sabzwari says:

    i came to know faraz bhahi during my days at islamia college-Peshawar circa 1963.He became a family friend to ALL at the academy for rural devolopment,university town ,peshawar.later he used to visit me at my one room abode at university town,we will togather visit yusuf lodhi VAY ell of spinzer press.we had lovely moments,unfortunately not a single photo of us.
    he possesed great humour,once i pinched his tennis racket from his house,later he visited my room,taking away a bhudda statue.i found a note saying,you think you are a big racketeet!

  2. jan says:

    Best Of Faraz

  3. Watan Aziz says:

    AA, I am splits!

    I was enjoying your memory lane until Tahira Saeed made her presence known.

    I am afraid, she won!

    Do write often.

  4. Good pakistani says:

    Good point raised. Just this reference “Colum no 5 17 jan 1993 jang news paper” itself contains the clue that this talk about faraz is wrong. Column 5 meant nothing at that time in 1993.