Posted on October 10, 2008
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32 responses to “Alamgir: A Pop Singer With Failed Kidneys”

  1. Aslam Baig says:

    Sorry forgot to mention $50 included
    Big Dinner and the show @
    244 Old Country Road, Hicksville NY

    Aslam Baig
    (516) 647-4482

  2. Aslam Baig says:

    Karachi Club NY is holding a benefit show for Alamgir on March 19, 2011. He is still going through Dialysis and hoping to go to Pakistan in April and try t0 find a Donner.
    He has Medicare insurance they cover up to 80% of the bill and he pays 20%, i got some of his payed bills just to satisfy some of the critics.
    Transplant surgery in Pakistan or India might cost him about 30 Lacks.
    Anyone wants to help him through Karachi Club, can send checks payable Alamgir Haq and mail to
    2111 5th street, East Meadow NY 11554.
    or if want come to the event its $50 pp and $500 for the table 10. For more information you can contact

    Aslam Baig
    (516) 647-4482