What Do You Think Will Happen Next?

Posted on May 9, 2009
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Adil Najam

I just find this photograph – taken last week in Peshawar – so very interesting. What do you think will happen next? Will one or both of them fall? Will they make it to their destination? Do you think they know each other or is the guy on the bicycle tagging along uninvited? What do you think is in the boxes? What does the ‘takhti’ at the front of the motorcycle read? Why is the guy on teh bicycle resting his foot on the bar instead of the pedal?

There is obviously no answer to any of these questions, but sometimes the simplest of compositions about everyday life makes you think. Even smile!

24 responses to “What Do You Think Will Happen Next?”

  1. Aziz says:

    The interesting thing is that Sindhi and Pathan are cooperating ;)

  2. MB says:

    Very interesting

  3. WhatWhyWhere says:

    It seems to be depicting Pakistan’s delicate reliance on the Americans. While Pakistan can get to its destination by self-reliance (by peddling the bike), it wants America’s money, weapons and equipment to get there (motorcycle), no matter how dangerous or irresponsible….But such is life!

  4. Samad says:

    Given the traffic in Pakistan and their cockiness, they are bound to ultimately fall and what will happen next is a lot of angry people and some haatha pai!

  5. Zafar says:

    Atif Mirza Sahib, Physics ALWAYS rules. That is why its called a LAW. Whether people know what they are doing or not if they are in balance that is because of physics.

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