Posted on June 9, 2009
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18 responses to “Teen Talwar aur Teen Khanjar

  1. M I Advany says:

    I am proud of Karachi and Mirpur Khas. Karachi should be happy to see that Mirpur Khas is honoring Karachi. For the same reason Punjab University should be glad to see their sister university in Karachi is honoring them. I am proud of both the universities too.

  2. Zahid Latif says:

    Technically or ethically no problem, but this trend points towards lack of innovation and creativity, all the landmarks MUST BE UNIQUE CREATIVELY INNOVATIVE…because Pakistan is land of FRESH IDEAS

  3. Mohammad Qureshi says:

    I think as long as it is a Pakistani landmark brought to other parts of Pakistan, there is nothing wrong with it. If one Pakistani city wants to copy a good idea of another Pakistani city, it should be allowed. Its not like they are building a replica of the Statue of Liberty or anything, this is distinctly our own. And besides, the message on the teen talwar is a good one to pass on to other parts of the country.

    Perhaps Pakistan will even be known for the “teen talwar” as one of its national symbols!