Posted on August 25, 2009
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39 responses to “Entrance Exams for Universities: Yes/No?”

  1. Maleeha Khan says:

    agreed!! its a complete wastage of money , time and a burden too…. actually there no such criteria seen in universities they enter all the students who just appeared in the exams and i have seen such students in universities who didnt even bother to give this exam and now they are in and doing there bachelors.. !! so where is the criteria ?? what universites actually see??

  2. pinky khan says:

    hmmmmmmm entry tst is second chance for those students who wants to be something but could not secure good marks in fsc examination because of various circumtances

  3. Rameez Rehman says:

    Entry test is a burden on the students in terms of 3 points
    1. Wastage of time.
    2. Wastage of money.
    3. Mental dissatisfaction for the students who take very good marks in FSc.

    So why students have to give 2 exams??? It shows universities are not trusting on the “Board of Intermediate and Secondary education” .
    Solution is very simple which will be acceptable for every student that is :
    There should be a choice for every student whether he/she is willing to give entry test or not.Those who are willing to give entry test their merit should be made on the basis of their entry test and for the rest of the students merit should be made on the basis of their FSc marks.

  4. Geo Dost says:

    I want to say that, we should unite against the corruption mafia who is involved in making money not only by illegal means but also destructing the future of our students and the nation as a whole. Every time before board exams we hear the news that there is another committee formed to stop cheating in board exams, but it never happens actually.

    Every new committee increases corruption. They grab money from Center Superintendents for ignoring anything that happens. Specially SSC exams are most engineered and corrupted. Purpose of exam centre is dead, because at exam centres, invigilators are appointed with the agreement of students.

    If this problem is solved, students will surely pass all entrance test without overburdening themselves.