ATP Poll: Grading Pakistan’s News Media

Posted on September 28, 2009
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Adil Najam

We know that ATP readers are tough graders. In the past you have graded the performance of Pakistan’s current leadership (also here) as well as Pakistan’s past leadership  – for good as well as for bad (also here). We ask you now to grade the performance of Pakistan’s media.

Most people agree that the news media has played a very influential role in shaping Pakistan’s current politics – some might say, for the good; others might argue, for the bad? What do you say?

Our focus here is on the news media. We are purposely not asking you which particular TV channel or newspaper or radio station you like. That is a matter of preference, and often of political persuation. It is important, but is not the intent of this ATP Poll. We also understand that you probably think that some media outfits are doing a great job and that others are not. That, too, is not the question.

What we seek is your opinion of how the media – as a whole and in its entirety – is doing? Of course, some will be better than others; and others worse than some. But when you look at all the media – in all its mediums – together, how do you rate them? Good, bad, or ugly?

24 responses to “ATP Poll: Grading Pakistan’s News Media”

  1. Usman says:

    Media has the independence they used to cry for yet they have never brought a single report on Nawaz Sahrief’s ‘Qarz utaro mulk bachao’ scam, never investigated Zardari’s corruptions or Death of Murtaza bhutto.
    Media played a big role (spec GEO) in Winning elections for PPP & PMLN and I hold their collar and ask why is our budget in deficit, why are there less jobs now, why is there more corruption, why was the rule of only Graduates can stand for election removed, why is media not criticising Military action now when they created a big issue of Lal musjid, why is gov taking so many loans and where is all that money going.
    We sometimes look to our east and see india’s success but we forget that their media has always played a vital role, be it accusing Pakistan or Exposing their own corruptions (Hangama website…)
    I am sorry to say but Media is equally responsible for our deteriorating situation, previously we had one group: Politicians who were corrput now we have 3: Politicians, Media & Judiciary.

  2. Sajjad Memon says:

    Shutdown urdu channels for a week and see how peaceful things will get. Yes i mean it, news should be availble only to literate and elites.

  3. Shakeel says:

    As a whole, Pak media is useless. They focus too much on the disputes between the politicians and leaving out core issues – such as three women abused today in Lahore .. they will never talk about this story in the tv news .. Dawn reported it, but that’s abt it.

    Useless media and even more useless politicians

  4. ali says:

    In addition to what I have said above I also agree with the view of many readers that DAWN remains Pakistan`s most outstanding newspaper both within the country and outside..- and Dawn TV telecast of news is of high quality.

  5. ali says:

    By and large the Pakistani media has shown substantial improvement in technology, style of delivery and of course breaking news where all media is in a rush to screen it up first or print it up first,this is good competition.Some dramas I have heard have been well presented and have been appreciated by the audiences.Dispatches given directly by correspondents from the site shows you exactly what happened and where it happened.If we look at our TV which started telecasting in 1967( in Karachi) used to telecast for about 4 hours every evening with monday being off.Numerous channels have popped up since then specially in the last decade.some are great while some are a little less great but it is giving them more chance to present a variety of programs and it has given viewers lots of choices.Now we can also see the correspondent talking and asking for opinion from the general public.Which is good.
    They however put crises oriented news first which is a trend that has been copied from the west,but along with it if something good happens in the country it should also get substantial coverage. freedom of expression is definitely there now which is again a good thing.And above all the opening of the new TV stations has provided jobs to Pakistanis across the country.The media is making rapid progress In Pakistan.I will give it a B.

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