GEO is Back in Pakistan: Writing on the Wall?

Posted on January 22, 2008
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Mast Qalandar

Geo News is back on cable TV in Pakistan! It was banned along with two other popular TV channels on November 3 last year when Emergency was imposed in the country.

We don’t know on what conditions the channel has been allowed to operate again. We also don’t know how much dent the 77-day ban must have made in the profitability of the news company — it must be pretty huge — or to the livelihood of the journalists working for it.

But we do know that the ban made a huge dent in the government’s credibility and the image of “enlightened moderation” that it was so eager to project. It also left in its wake numerous angry messages and slogans on the wallboards outside the Geo office in Islamabad. They do give you a flavor of the general feelings prevailing at the time in a large segment of the civil society.

The photos with this post are here for you to decipher them, enjoy them, add to them, or ignore them.

Photos for this article are taken by the author himself. His full collection can be seen here.

60 responses to “GEO is Back in Pakistan: Writing on the Wall?”

  1. atiqa kausar says:

    i even dont know why dr shahid masood and hamid mir banned please tell me why why why .please brought them soon on geo without of them ur geo is zero

  2. sanjeeda komal says:

    jeenay do MUSHRAF Khuda kay liay tumain pakistan ka wasta

  3. Musharaf cannot bear criticism

  4. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Geo is Back in the market,

    Good news for me , I ‘ll be able to watch again with
    enormous interest ” Shadi-on-line ” by Mustansar
    Hussain Tarar, the genious of collecting all the future
    victims of the fatal error of saying ‘yes’ to that naive
    prey-attracting segment, mind you, I find this
    so hilarious that eveytime listening to the future
    ‘Shikar’ and his ambitions gave me huge laughters with stomach aces, once I even fell on the floor.

    USA ‘mad’ spy Satelite is going to fall very soon, where and on….. ?
    News :
    Zardari addressed a majlis in which he declared that
    he will be a shaheed, (I thought it was a monopoly of
    Talibans ?) and that PPP is a Political party of ‘Shaheeds?

    The new name for PPP is now FutureShuhada-e-Zarbhutts
    Gunwah should sue them.

  5. Bhindigosht says:

    Geo has eaten the proverbial onions and lashes. It was off air for 70 some days and then comes back on without Hamid Mir and Shahid Masood. So what happened here?

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