Posted on November 20, 2009
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14 responses to “Prof. Nauman (1951-2009): R.I.P. Sir Nauman

  1. Rashid Siddiqui says:

    Courtesy of Shafayat Abrar who provided these links.

    Two-part video-clips of Sir Nauman (late) briefing about equipments in HV lab.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

  2. Prof. Nauman was really a great man and a great teacher. I met him first time, when I got my admission in N.E.D University in 1989. I think it was my first week of admission in N.E.D, I was interested to meet him (through some reference). I knocked his room and came in office, I found a relative young and smart man sitting behind the table full of papers, notes and books. I was interested just to get his opinion about the change of faculty, as it was very common in N.E.D at that time. He discussed me in detail with so attractive style that I could not forget even today. He taught me one course Electronics II. This course was so interactive that in each class we prepared his lecture in advance (which was very rare during my whole stay in N.E.D) as he asked very short question to most of students. Unfortunately I never met him after my graduation, as most of time I was deputed away from Karachi. He was really genuine professional man, not a single time he disclosed his political affiliation in class (according to my little recollections). He was very kind, hard worker and always available to solve the student problems. I pray, Allah bless him with peace in jannah! Ameen.

  3. Riaz Haq says:

    The last time I met Nauman was in summer this year when I visited the NED University Campus in Karachi. He was very warm and gracious as a host. We reminisced about our student days at NED in 1970s, and also discussed how NED students can be helped by the alumni in Silicon Valley. One of the projects we discussed involved setting up web conferences where the NED Silicon Valley alumni could bring in experts to speak on various subjects of interest to his students at NEDUET. We also talked about his involvement and work with Koshish Foundation, a foundation set up in Silicon Valley to help students. 9293%3ABlogPost%3A66070

  4. Muhammed Zafir Zia says:

    A good teacher and an extraordinary human being.
    The presence of students, fellow teachers and friends at his burial in huge numbers showed the love and respect he had earned throughout his life. Apart from actively participating in social programs for the betterment of the society, Prof Nauman was also a member of PEC Think Tank Sub-Committee on Energy and also Convener Technical Institution of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Pakistan – Karachi Centre.
    May ALLAH (SWT) bless his soul(Ameen).