Posted on April 13, 2010
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25 responses to “Zong’s Campaign: What Do You Think?”

  1. funky says:


    apart from the debate about day dreaming and having an action plan. here are something that I noticed.

    1- He has electricity in his home. it seems he is in a village. even the biggest cities in Pakistan dont have electricty. Funny !

    2- He is building a school in a village. my brother !, majority of our villages are under big Land Lords’ control. you cant even plant a tree without your ‘Choudhry’ ‘s permission. if you dared. he will send his men to kick you on your butts, until you shit in your pants. :-)

    3- its all about playing with public’s emotions.

    The commercials we really need to watch should be like this :

    1- Choudhry’s men are beating a Mazara and some of them are raping his young daughters. suddenly the camera moves and shows this gallant / brave man with a stick to beat the hell out of them and make them run. ( what happens next dont need to show in this song )

    2- he starts the tubewell. ( no electricty ! hahahaha )

    3- he wants to buy some land to make a school. he needs to talk to the landlord ( hmmm, he beated his men , remember )

    4- he doesnt need the permission from landlord. he mobilizes the Mazaras and start building the school. ( Police appears and start Lathi Charge. )

    5- while he and some of the brave Mazaras are fighting with all these people, some of Thurkee mazaras raid the houses of those good mazaras and their women, child and even female animals are on their mercy :-( ( yes, this is what happens )

    sad . . .

    suddenly camera moves and it shows the family of this poor guy, his wife and childern looking all this with horror on their faces. . . .

    no need to say anymore.

    you know how it ends

    so, switch channels and watch ‘Nachle’ !!
    there are so many hot girls in this show
    to just cheer you up a little bit
    to keep your morals high

    you know

  2. @Haroon saab , I did not point fingers at any one daydreaming

    I just stated that Inspiration with out an action plan is a daydream…..

    I did not say that All are daydreaming and I am taking all the action…

  3. Haroon says:

    Thank you Yasser Mahmood for telling us that YOU have been acting while we have been daydreaming.

    Do please share with us all the ACTIONS YOU HAVE BEEN TAKING that have Pakistan a better place.

    Well done.

  4. I have been watching these “INSPIRATIONAL” vidoes for quite a long time , well i have one thing to say that inspirations with out an action plan are day dreams

  5. Fayyaz says:

    It gives us a nice message and inspiration as an individual to make positive contributions towards our society development instead of just sticking to mere criticism on the government….A really good one