How Inhuman Can a Fanatic Be? Burqa-clad Bomber Murders 40+ in IDP Camp

Posted on April 17, 2010
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Adil Najam

Just how inhuman can the murderous zeal of fanatics be?

Here are the essential facts: Two suicide killers, hiding behind burqas, murdered more than 40 people, and injured another 60+, in two explosions minutes apart, at an IDP (internally displaced peoples) refugee camp at Katcha Pakka near Kohat, as they gathered to register for relief goods and as food was being distributed to them.

Yes, you read it right.

They murdered people who have already been made homeless. They killed people gathered to collect food and relief goods. They killed deliberately. They murdered on purpose. This was not an accident or bad planning. They had planned to kill. They had wanted to murder. They planned to kill women and children and innocent civilians.

That is exactly what they wanted to do. That is exactly what they did.

This is neither unique as an incident nor unique in its brutality and inhumanity.

Yesterday, it was a hospital – yes, hospital – that was attacked in Quetta where Muslims were mourning the death of a murdered Shia leader.

The butchers were butchering. Deliberately. Purposefully. Inhumanly.

The blood boils, eyes swell up and humanity cries whenever an innocent soul is killed. No matter why. No matter by whom. No matter how. But when the murder is so callous, so planned, so deliberate, so inhuman, the heart skips a beat, the mind is baffled, and something dies within each one of us. There is nothing more left to say.

What can one say that has not been said before. One seethes in ones anger. One sends out a silent prayer. One wipes off the tears. And one stares into the darkness. Trying desperately, trying senselessly, trying uselessly, to understand why anyone could do such a thing. How anyone could do such a thing.

One stares into the darkness. Knowing full well that no darkness known to man could be darker than the darkness that breeds this murder.

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80 responses to “How Inhuman Can a Fanatic Be? Burqa-clad Bomber Murders 40+ in IDP Camp”

  1. @Amina: Since you have been treating me as an elder brother hence I ignore your mistake and forgive you. If you visit the page 4 of same discussion, you will find the answer of what you asked before; whether I support killing by Talibans/anyone else or not. Read the last comment which wase made by me. Just refer below: -page-4/#comments

    “Laikin Adnan Bhai, koee sakhs jo soch samjh kar insanoun ka aur musalmanoun ka khon karta hai woh musalmaan nahin ho sakta.”

    Bilkul! chahye wo so called Taliban ho, ya koi left wing Pakistani jo drones se Pakistanio ka Qatl-e-Aam karwaye ya Pakistan Army

    Ab see, my little sister gets embarrassed. You asked the question and got disappeared. Khair I forgive you by believing that you don’t know how to use an Internet discussion board. Next time do refer what you post before to save yourself from embarrassment. Also next time don’t run away when I ask you that whether you support killing of Muslims via Drones? See I even admit what I talk about. Your pro American friends don’t even have moral courage to oppose Drones. They rather endorse it by believing that all women and kids who were killed by Drones were terrorists. Even Obama now says sorry on killing of those innocents.


    p.s: I hope you would be able to learn from my “immature” response.

  2. Amina says:

    Dear Adnan Bhai, I was hoping you would give a more sensible response.

    But you are only ranting, and you did not even answer one of the questions. And you still have not condemned the killing of Muslims by the Taliban. I am very sure you are not a supporter of Taliban and you condemn their murdering Muslims, or really murdering anyone. Why not just say that?

    And I do not know why you think anyone who you do not agree with is liberal. I do not find anything liberal in this post or in the comments you are responding to.

    I think these type of responses and exposing yourself as an irrational and immature person just shouting at anyone who has different views only gives Muslims a bad name and gives the impression that anyone who is religious must be crazy and mad. We know that is not true.


  3. Adnan Siddiqi says:

    It’s funny that a person”advertising” himself as “Musalman”. Come out of hysteria and listen to others.

    it’s funny and quite girlish that you are saying American as “Idiots” as if they are paying attention to those who are used by them? Americans have brains unlike liberals. Liberals who usually absord the residue of Western society have no idea of what they babble about. Cursing and Ridiculing me does not change the facts and fact is that Americans are running away and leaving you guys all alone on disposal of your enemies that is Muslims. It made you restless when I said truth about your Namak Harami with Islam and Namak Halali with Americans. Why does it hurt you?

    ” No one is defending Americans.”

    But no one is condemning Americans either.Muslims killed by drone attacks as well but you are silent. Thsi Adil Najam will be shivering if he is asked to write against Americans. same case is with others. That shows you are partner in crime. Don’t make noise to hide the filth you have been embracing for long time. In this way you are just fooling yourself rather than someone else.

  4. Musalman says:

    @Adnan Siddiqi. Your childish games and gutter language is exactly that. You are trying to change the topic to something else. The topic is teh murdering of Muslims by these fanatics who you defend. No one is defending Americans.

    You want an answer. OK. I think Americans killing Muslims or anyone killing Muslims is equally pathetic. the more Mslims they kill the more pathetic they are. And who kills the most Muslims: the people YOU are defending. So, who is teh most pathetic? YOU.

    If the Americans are making friends with Taliban, they are idiots and they should not. All I know is this: Americans are not our friends, and the Taliban are our enemies. Those liek you who defend the Taliban are defending those who are the killers of Muslims and the enemies of Islam.

    So, let me be clear. If Americans kill Muslims that is pathetic. If liberals kill Muslims that is pathetic. Anyone who kills Muslims is pathetic. Fact is that the MOST number of Muslims are being killed by Taliban and other Wahabi fanatic groups.

    Now, I have said very clearly what I believe. Maybe, for once you can tell us why you come here each time Muslims are killed to celebrate adn gloat over the death of Muslims an to defend teh taliban?

    And, dont go to your mommy crying “oh, they don’t understand me, sob, sob,” because each and every time the same thing happens. You defend the Wahabis and the taliban and deny you are defending them but never really say that they are killers and never really condemn them. Munafqat ki bhi hadain hotee hain, and you have crossed all limits of munafqat, all limits of your hatred of Muslims and of Islam and all limits of your treason to Pakistan since you singularly and regularly celebrate the killing of Muslims and Pakistanis.

    By the way, you might as well also tell us which of these two you are:

    For the record, I will not be answering to your whining any more. So, go cry to your mommy dear!

  5. Salman says:


    The USA is not just trying to get out of Afghanistan, at the same time it has churned up new deals with the “Pak” Army to continue with the mission..

    so we have yet to see how this gets resolved.. most probably the Taliban will be “back” in control .. the way they were before.. so basically they just want their dogs back in control..

    As common Pakistani citizens.. we don’t really have anything to do with the games of the elite.. our problem is mainly extremists taking advantage of these deals and imposing their ideologies on the rest of us..

    the ones doing the killings and the ones being killed are common people.. like me and you.. and IF according to your religion the only way you can live YOUR personal life is by killing me because your religion doesn’t allow you to remain within personal boundaries… we have a problem that is SEPARATE from the games of the elite..

    and we have a problem with the USA too because it doesn’t want to give up on using religion goons for its own purposes..

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