Posted on May 5, 2010
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59 responses to “Lessons from Faisal Shahzad: Pakistan Media Gets It Mostly Right”

  1. readinglord says:


    I am not blaming any body. For your information Punjabies do not treat Urdu as an alien language but consider it as literary, baazaari, darbaari, etc. language of Punjabi. We only dislike its becoming a mother tongue also. It was only a political expediency that the Punjabies started patronizing Urdu as a national language, against Bengali, Pushto, Balochi, which were the indigenous mother tongues of Pakistan, but forgetting that this baazaari zabaan has the tendency, most of all, to replace their beloved mother tongue.

    Hear a relate an event showing how this happened.

    We started speaking Urdu with our children to make them efficient in this ‘national’ language, thinking that they would learn Punjabi any how as it was spoken by all the elder ones in the house. However, we were surprised why they never spoke Punjabi, when they heard us all the elders converse in that language. This was revealed one day when two of our children were playing together doing some cooking. The elder one, a daughter, suddenly cried out, “Ami, ami! Nanna amion ki zabaan bol raha he (Nanna was speaking mothers’ language)”. She had complained that the younger brother was calling a ‘haandi’ a ‘katvi’, which was, in her view, a serious lapse on his part.

    And now my sons and their wives all speak Urdu along with their offspring, whose mother tongue would also be Urdu. Is it not ‘bolo-ram’ of Punjabi with the next generation of Punjabies? But we hope it will be a Punjabi Urdu, not the bastardized language of the so called ‘Ahle-zabaan’. The language in which Punjabies, like Ghalib, Iqbal, Hali, Hafeez, Faiz, Faraz, etc., wrote their great poetry.

  2. tamed says:


    If the next generation of Punjabis will be speaking urdu and would not know Punjabi then this is something you the bloody punjabis have to take care. Urdu speaking community should not be held responsible for that. If someone is reluctant to speak their mother tongue then its fair to assume that how strong they are as a nation and what’s is their integrity. You are a loser, now you are blaming Quaid-e-Azam for something he did not do. I am sure this is just your opinion and you are not reppresenting the people of Punjab when you say this.

  3. readinglord says:


    You think I have some relations with MQM..

    No dear I have no relation of any kind with MQM though I have a good relationship with some urdu-speaking friends. In fact I hate their bastardized urdu. For that matter I can summarize Pakistan’s history in one sentense:

    “Qauid-e-Azam’s English made Pakistan and his ill-advised obsession with Urdu broke it”.

    Moreover I fear that urdu presents an existential threat to my mother tongue, Punjabi, which some people think would be extinct in the next 50 years or so as Punjabies’ next generation’s mother tongue will also be mostly urdu.

  4. Waqar says:

    Why is it that all Pakistani condemn this idiot trying to bomb new yorkers but no one in USA condemns teh daily killing of Pakistani civilians by US drones.