ATP Poll: Winds of Political Change in Pakistan

Posted on September 23, 2010
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Adil Najam

Once again it is the season of silly-talk in Pakistan. There are rumors. There is chatter. There are theories. And there is endless discussion. Supposedly ‘change’ is in the offing. But, then, change is always in the offing in Pakistan. If, indeed, change is coming, what would you prefer? What would you like to see happening?

Everyone seems convinced that some political change is coming. Politicians seem to be taking the talk seriously. And the media is having a field day concocting conspiracies spun around so-called ‘andar ki baat‘. Everyone seems to have a theory. If you have one, please let us know. But, before that, please vote in our poll and tell us what you would LIKE TO SEE happening (not, what you think will happen; but what you would like to happen)!

26 responses to “ATP Poll: Winds of Political Change in Pakistan”

  1. Umar Sharif says:

    I wish to see Political change in Pakistan!

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