Razzak Rules in Abu Dhabi; Butt and Amir Snubbed in Dubai

Posted on October 31, 2010
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Adil Najam

I tuned into the game right as it was ending. Which, it turned out, was the best time of all to tune in!

The drama of the entire day packed into those three overs. And Abdul Razzak right there at the center of it all. Winning the day for Pakistan  (playing against South Africa) in rather majestic style – especially with that 6-6-4 in the last over that gave him his century and Pakistan the game.

It had not been the best of days for Pakistani players. A short drive away from the Abu Dhabi where the second one day international was being played between Pakistan and South Africa, at the ICC headquarters in Dubai the ICC code of conduct commissioner Michael Beloff had rather summarily and hurriedly dismissed the appeals of Salman Butt and Mohammad Amir who had earlier been suspended on scandalous charges of spot-fixing.

With South Africa already one up in the 5 match ODI series and Pakistan team in disarray the South African total of 286-8 although by no means unattainable did seem a formidable one. As I tuned in it was the 47th over from South Africa and the screen flashed that Pakistan needed 32 runs from 16 balls and had two wickets in hand. Even as I was trying to get bearings on the game, Razzak tried to steal a run off a no-ball and Saeed Ajmal fumbled and was run out. I must say, I was not upbeat at that point.

That Razzak was able to hit a four off the next ball and then steal a run off the last ball of the over was a good omen. 25 runs required, 12 balls left, 1 wicket in hand. Razzak hits a six off the very first ball and the mood on of the crowd on the screen – and my own mood – begins to change! Another four and then a single off the fifth ball again left Razzak very much in charge. Shoaib Akhtar just needed to survive the one ball he was facing. He did.

And then the grand finale was truly grand. A six off the second ball brought Razzak to 99. Another six off the very next ball got him his century. And a four off the very next ball gave Pakistan the game. In good time, and in good style.

And there he was – very much the man of the moment and man of the match: Abdul Razzak: 109 Not Out, off 72 balls, with 7 fours and 10 sixes. And what should be make of Salman Butt and Mohammad Amir? Well, this was not their day!

24 responses to “Razzak Rules in Abu Dhabi; Butt and Amir Snubbed in Dubai”

  1. Owais Mughal says:

    This is second such innings by Razzak in two weeks.

    On Oct 16, He signlehandedly won the final of national twenty-20 for Lahore Lions (v/s Karachi Dolphins). He scored 71 of 29 balls to take Lahore’s score to 221 in 20 overs which won the match for his team.

  2. Abdur Razzak needs to be more consistent. Nevertheless, a magnificent innings.

  3. Sana Saleem says:

    I couldn’t believe that Pakistan has won. In the last over with the last wicket, I used to close my eyes with fear that its gonna be out but that was a moment of extreme excitement when Razzaq made it possible. May he keeps up in the next matches also :)

    Well Done !

  4. Adnan says:

    Razzak is simple and patriotic player. He always help pakistani team under difficult circumstances because he play sincerely for his country. We need few more razzaks. If it is done then surely we will win world cup..


    My sweet pakistanis to learn a great lession ,we are a great nation of talented, civilized and peaceful nation.please do not give hopes ,make your eiman strong in ALLAH TAALA,we will achieve the target for which we demanded pakistan and given unpresidental sacrifices,” I LOVE YOU PAKISTAN”.Amin Panaawala

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