Will Pakistan be Able to Pull it Off at Lord’s?

Posted on July 15, 2010
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Owais Mughal

Ok guys! Do you want to make your predictions for tomorrow’s result in Pakistan versus Australia Test match?

For soccer lovers, the cricket match is currently poised at a situation like this: Chasing what would be a record breaking total of 440, Pakistan needs 326 more runs to win with 9 wickets in hand. Two long English summer days are left to be played and possibly 188 overs to be bowled.

So now the question is: ‘ye ooNt kis karwat bethe ga?’ (what will be the result?)

I’ll make the first prediction to get the ball rolling. My heart says Pakistan will be able to pull it through because they are currently well poised at 114 for 1. But! and there is a ‘But’ – which is Salman But – who is currently not out at 58, meiN samajhta hooN ke (my mind says) it will be difficult. Most likely Pakistan will do good for 200 or more runs and then as the target will start to appear within reach, a sudden batting collapse may happen – sounds familiar? Some of my friends may call me ‘kaali zubaan’ for predicting as such but to them I want to recite a couplet from a famous ghazal:

ar raahbar-e-kamil chalne ko tayyaar to hooN par yaad rahe
os waqt mujhe bhatkaa dena jab saamnay manzil aa jaaye

22 responses to “Will Pakistan be Able to Pull it Off at Lord’s?”

  1. Rehan says:

    LOST AGAIN !@#$

  2. Akif Nizam says:

    No one put it in better terms than Michael Holding who was the Ten Sports commentator at the time Afridi threw away his wicket. As Afridi was walking back to the pavilion, Holding spontaneously said,”if that was my captain walking back, I would’t let him into the dressing room.”

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