Posted on November 20, 2010
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18 responses to “From K.K. Aziz’s Coffee House: Visiting a 4-Anna Film Stall at Bhati Gate with Zaheer Kashmiri”

  1. T.S. Bokhari says:

    What amazing were the days when we used to sit with Zaheer Kashmiri on the ground in the weekly meetings of the Progressive Writers held in front of the office of the Association. What a lovable personality he was!

    And about seeing a film in the 4-anna stall in a cinema on McLeod Road!

    One day a friend and a class-fellow of mine (I could not recall his name) in the K.C. College suggested seeing a film in a cinema. I begged him to be excused as I was out of pocket. But he insisted and said, “Come on dear! Our Baba will provide us the ticket”. I could not understand what he meant but he virtually dragged me to a nearby cinema on the Mcleod Road, called Sanober then. There he went straight to a small ‘mazaar’ of some baba by the side of the cinema. He lifted the locked ‘nazrana-box’ placed on the mazaar and turning it over started maneuvering it with a straw through its slit to draw out some money. Soon he got an 8-Anna piece which, according to him, was a loan by baba for purchasing two-tickets for the pit.

    Thus I enjoyed watching a film in the 4-Anna pit so much that I adopted it as a routine.

  2. hello says:

    Nawaz Sharif pays only Rs. 5000 tax, Gilani pays nothing, Hafiz Sheikh and Hina Rabbani Khar also pay zilch, and most of the parliamentarians either pay nothing or pay peanuts in taxes. Also there is huge tax relief for the military officers and the bureaucrats in the name of researcher rebate and such. Journalists and the media groups along with the judiciary also enjoy tax relief schema.

    Industrialists and the mill owners also know thousand ways to evade the taxes. In Pakistan, only 1 lac 60 thousands shop keepers pay the tax, while millions of other shop keepers are not even registered in the tax net. From the bulging population of 170 million, less than two percent of Pakistanis pay the tax. The elite of Pakistan simply don’t pay it. So every time government put more pressure in form of new taxes on the already existing tax net.

    I am a salaried person. The income tax already gets deducted from my pay. I cannot do anything about it. I already pay GST and other taxes on the utilities and the commodities. I also run a small business as part time earning niche, and I haven’t registered it and don’t pay tax on it, because that is in my control. I don’t feel guilty about it, because I know that my tax will be abused to provide subsidy to the elite and would be used to maintain their luxury.

    I am sad that I am robbed of my hard-earned money in the form of taxes automatically from my salary and the utilities.


  3. Sana Saleem says:

    Great ! I feel refreshed after reading this piece. And I agree with the thing that if you are struggling for anyone’s rights, you should also know him. Its hard to achieve goals if you are not aware of the facts.