Quiz: Where and What in Pakistan?

Posted on December 6, 2010
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Owais Mughal

Can you guess where in Pakistan was this building located and what was its purpose? Comparing the size of this building with the two airplanes in the frame, you can tell that it is simply not just an airplane hangar. Then what was it? Why was it built? What happened to it? Feel free to share your answers or guesses. We will provide answers in few days along with photo credits and references. Together we can trace the whole history that went behind this building’s construction.

20 responses to “Quiz: Where and What in Pakistan?”

  1. S. M. Irfan says:

    I have very faint memories of Kala Chapra and remember it having existed (or its remnants, at least) till 1960 or 61. It stood along the road that goes to the airport cargo area, before the Star Gate entrance. There was also a cinema (Luxury) on that road.
    Yes, the GT Road was a single track and the Malir River was fairly active in the monsoons. In 1958 heavy floods innundated most areas in and around Malir.
    And PIA had an impressive route with several European and Asian cities included and a few African as well.

  2. Kala Chapra.
    I have had the opportunity to live nearby at the airport in my childhood. The bungalow I lived in has been replaced by a PIA Engineering complex now. I have also climbed to the roof of Kala Chapra on the inside.
    The Isphani Hanger and Kala Chapra locations are about half a kilometer apart.
    Interesting Info: In the 50s Karachi Airport was the biggest
    in Asia, PIA was the first Airline to introduce jets (Boeing 707) in Asia. PIA flew London – Karachi in the least time ever, five hrs and some minutes.
    There was no Airport Railway station, the nearest was
    Drigh Road on the other side was Malir. Drigh Road was
    a marshy land where when the tide was very high the sea water would come in. Natha Khan Goth was in isolated village on the GT road, now Shah Rahe Faisal. The GT road was a single lane road to Karachi (Sadar / City). PECHS was a desert. The Airport club used to compete with Karachi Gymkhana Club.
    There used to be a New Years Party in the Rotunda, of the
    old Airport Building, The hall is impressive today as well.

  3. Salman501 says:

    Hangar was built for Airships, now Esphani Hangar and is in full operational use. It can be seen when driving on Shah-Faisal Road.

  4. Junaid Qurashi says:

    What: A blimp structure
    Where: Don’t know. I would guess it to be Karachi.

  5. Rehan says:

    Would never have known. Thanks for this quiz and to the commentators identifying this as the R101 hanger. Wikipedia has interesting history of R101 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R101 . Search for Karachi in wikipedia text.

    Great post awais.

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