Posted on January 10, 2011
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15 responses to “Growing Up Pakistani in Peking, 1966-68 (Part I)”

  1. Mario Moreira says:

    Great read. I would like to hear more detail. What did the Great Wall disappoint? What was the intricate art work that sold at give away prices? Maybe there is a short story or a book in the making? Thanks!

  2. As an Indian I found this post very fascinating and also informative about Mao’s China. I am eager to read the second part. The comment by Owais about senior citizens was also fascinating.I am eagerly waiting for the second part.
    Thanks Imran and ATP.

  3. Ali S. Khursheed says:

    This is a fine essay and I await the next part.
    Very few in Pakistan or in the international world realize just how important a role Pakistan played in the controlled opening of China to the rest of the world. Not only with USA but also otherwise. And the Chinese managed this very well and that is why the relations are still so deep.

  4. Farman says:

    I first went to China in the mid-80s. It was still a mostly bicycle place. At least in Beijing I saw more bicycles than cars. My other big memory was how many people did exercise and in public parks and squares. I was there 4 days and from my hotel window I could see a large park and early morning it was full of people exercising (the slow Chinese exercise). I found it odd and interesting then. But now I think it is positive social habits like that which eventually make a nation.

  5. Sami says:

    What a different time it must have been. A young Pakistani in a foreign country and no one looks at him as being dangerous and someone to keep an eye on!