Posted on April 6, 2011
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15 responses to “Who is Protesting in Pakistan? Businessmen, Doctors and Academics.”

  1. sadie says:

    @ mr.tayyab u should better keep such nonsense in ur head,rather than giving comment on such kind of issues that u know nothing about,especially on a public platform like this! u think a 14 hrs training makes u well trained & groomed enough,for a highly paid job.& DOCTORS who spends 48 hrs in hospital under stressful conditions,saving the lives of many patients & at the same time dealing with the bad behaviour of the attendants,(who r never satisfied…..)is not deserving enough to get a handsome salary to fulfill the needs of their families.and mind u these 48 duty hrs don’t include the lunch breaks or rest time that ur 14 hrs duty includes…..& a doctor stands for many hrs in the operation theatre or along the bedside of a critically sick pt. while the relatives r enjoying tea & juices outside.wake up man & open ur mind to see the facts before u analyze something……..

  2. Jameel says:

    Good analysis.
    It is disturbing when those you do not expect come out. But I do not think anyone is taking note. Those who are waiting for a revolution, this IS the revolution.

  3. Tayyab says:

    Doctors are protesting for a special treatment/pay scale like police and professors etc. but

    a) They may earn very high salaries in pvt. sector but in govt. sector it is best to keep the standard scales and not open new pandoras by special treatment

    b) Level of service/commitment by doctors in govt. sector is pathetic to say the least. I have personally seen doctors having 48 hours shifts spending most of the time sleeping/watching tv with patients being shooed away by orderlies for disturbing the “sahibs”.

    Young doctors who are protesting about the maltreatment should come in the private sector and see how high salaried engineers (for example) are being trained and groomed for the job. I remember regularly doing 14 hours shifts 7 days a week for months. Compared to what private sector goes through for high salaries these “sahibs” are living a dream.

    I say if they want high salaries they should prove themselves worthy of the same.

  4. Rafiuddin says:

    Excellent piece.

    The permanent culture of protest is disturbing but what we are seeing here is a total failure of governance and that is what is triggering this new type of protests from these ‘unusual’ groups. We should worry about this if we worry about Pakistan.

  5. Anita says:

    A doctor’s starting salary is 18000 rs.and PG’s is a routine of 36 hrs of duty.Will anyone make a budjet with this amount for a middle class family.?