Pakistan Zindabad in French Rap

Posted on April 9, 2011
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Adil Najam

A reader sent me a link to this video: A rap song on Pakistan, in French.

I should confess that I do not understand French and I am not really big on rap – except the kind from Yaqub Atif Bulbula.

But the song is catchy and the home-made video endearing in its own way. Just from the key words I can understand, it seems like a group of young second-generation French-Pakistanis expressing their ‘Pakistaniat.’ And that is a feeling one sees often in second generation diaspora. So, I thought I would share this as a weekend post; hopefully there is nothing in the lyrics that I would regret, and if there is please let me know.

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18 responses to “Pakistan Zindabad in French Rap”

  1. sidhas says:


    Did you notice no city in Baluchistan was mentioned.

    On next release, I would ask they add Quetta as well.

  2. Gardezi says:

    Nice find. And good to see the pride they have in their roots and expressing it in their own way.

    In some ways the change that 9/11 etc has brought is that young people living abroad have to deal more squarely with their roots now. That may actually be good.

  3. Humaira says:

    I would also love to read a translation. Specially in the video when the bullet on glass visual comes.

  4. Faisal says:

    Yaar, gaana tou aweiN hai. Par idea-y kay nambar pooray haiN.

  5. Khanum says:

    Before the bullet hits he is talking about unity and solidarity, then says: My first name is Pakistani. We don’t give a crap about the 14th July, we celebrate August 14th. My country has become a site for the media [the bullet hits] he says that the media has portrayed his country as full of pain/bullet, when it’s actually a colorful place. They portray us as terrorists. Then he goes on to say that women aren’t whores in his country. People follow Islam, Pakistan is number one, thanks to Quaid-e-Azam. [loose translation]

  6. Good video, Hip Hop is growing with popularity all over Pakistan and with overseas Pakistanis as well

    you should check out “Lazarus” He is a rapper and medical doctor who recently did a hip hop version of a nustral fatah ali khan song!

    Lazarus – “Drug of Choice” f/ Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Official Music Video

  7. There also seems to be a website dedicated to covering and promoting Pakistani Hip Hop, It is a very interesting website

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