Picture of the Day: In the land of the pure

Posted on July 22, 2006
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What can one say. Lahore, I still love you!

Published in the Daily Times, 21 July, 2006.

13 responses to “Picture of the Day: In the land of the pure”

  1. MSK says:

    Pervaiz, I feel the same way about that contrast of the Supreme Court and National Library. Shows our confusion about who we are and want to be. Or, maybe, it shows the whims of the different governments that initiated those projects.

  2. daktar daktar says:

    Hav’nt been here for a few weeks bc was travelling. Good to see website is doing well.
    I am also disturbed by negative pictures of Pakistan like this but as I have said before here we need them so that we can do something about this. removing the garbage is what is needed. removing the picture will not help anyone.

  3. Pervaiz M. Alvi says:

    Aziz Ahmed: What do you think of the Supreme Court and National Library buildings in Islamabad, standing side by side. I call them “study in contrast”. First is in neo-modern style created on borrowed elements from the Islamic architecture very much like Faisal Mosque on the other side of the city, and the second is a crude recreation of colonial version of Islamic architecture, the kind found in many British period buildings in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan. Why the two styles were created and placed side by side beats me. I like to know your thoughts. Thanks

  4. MSK says:

    On the picture the ‘Teeth Maestro’ (love that name) is right. maybe its the symbolism of the picture that is more important. The distance between our hopes and our reality.

  5. MSK says:

    I actually like the architecture of the minar. There is a simple elegance about it. But then, architecture like art and music is a matter of personal taste. What I have never liked is the overall park. Too bland as if incomplete. Given the historical heritage of the area it should be an integrated experience of culture and history for travel and tourism but also for our own history awareness.

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