ATP Photo-Quiz: Where is this building?

Posted on October 28, 2006
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Adil Najam

I suspect that most of our readers have never seen this building in Pakistan. Sadly, many would never even have heard of it. However, for reasons that I am sure some readers will soon explain, it should be a fairly easy one to guess for many.

Do you know what building this is? Where? Its significance? If so, do share. If not, make a guess.

22 responses to “ATP Photo-Quiz: Where is this building?”

  1. Nadia Dxb says:

    Well its nice sharing!

  2. Fakhruddin Usmani says:

    you fellas are all wrong this building which I can recall from my personal memory when I was staying in Karachi, Burns Road in my late 60s It is definetely DJ colledge just opposite SM colledge/SM law Colledge

  3. BEENISH says:

    [quote comment=”5902″][quote comment=”5900″]I believe the Army bought it for renovation and stuff…[/quote]

    …and stuff?? You mean holiday resort for our bahadar fauj?[/quote]

  4. Sajid Iqbal says:

    Its simple as 123, this is Prime Minister Secretariat :). Luckily I will not travel any more in front of as I changed my accomodation from Pindi to F-7. :P
    Guessed rightly???

  5. Zainab L says:

    Aziz…:s probably,

    I wudnt know :|

    I really need to learn more about my country of origin
    inshalah will do in da future


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