Posted on January 15, 2007
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15 responses to “Lahore Marathon 2007”

  1. Eddie Hahn says:

    I live in the US as you can assume from the e-mail address.

    I have done many marathons; mainly because opportunities are plentiful here.

    I understand and respect the argument that parts of the country are under-developed and that you might consider the event “fluff”…

    I, for one, think it’s excellent that a marathon was hosted in Pakistan! Way yo go.

    And to the writer complaining about the amount of prize money as say this alone is evidence that it was truly for the people and not the media…

  2. Imran Ahmad says:

    Its wonderful to see events like Marathan now happening every year in lahore.

    I was disappointed by the prize money for special persons though. $200 for winning an complete race? It takes a big heart and determination to come out and particiapate for them and its physically tough too. Comon, I think we can do better than that next time.

  3. Syed Ahsan says:

    Mindless people running crazy. I totally agree with ahsan and manzoor. A soft lens to look at the ugly face of a repressive regime. I cannot understand how one can categorize it as a public event when 90 % of the population is malnourished, has a pain threshold of all the marathon runners combined to bear the pain of everyday existence, and consume the last reserves of their energy running from pillar to post. Marathons, independence days, spring festivals are for those nations whose everyday life itself is a celebration of freedom of thought , happiness of existence and boundless flight of human spirit.
    Aristocratic, bourgeoisie and feudal Pakistanis are nothing worst or better then sheep in a herd. They will glutton, graze, nibble,trot,and totter in a unison of apathy on the whim of their sheperd and his dog.

  4. TURAB says:

    Good job Lahore! keep it up!