Posted on April 8, 2007
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30 responses to “Asad Amanat Ali Khan (1952-2007) Dies of Heart Attack”

  1. abdullah says:

    I loved Asad Amanat Ali.

    (kal chodvein ki raat thi, shab bhar raha charcha tera, kuch ne kaha yeh chand ha kuch ne kaha chehra tera, hum bhi wahan mojod theh hum se bhi sab poocha kiya, hum hans diya, hum chup reha, manzoor tha parda tera. GOD bless him

  2. shahbaz says:

    I am really heartbroken after the death of my one of the best singer Asad Amanat Ali Khan.He was literally the soul of songs.He was unique and still known all over subcontinent.May god bless him with heaven.(aameen)

  3. HAROON AHMAD says:

    i m very very sad because i love asad amanat ali khan and his singing he was a great man and god was blessed him a great voice .thank you

  4. Anshuman Chandel says:

    Great singer..i haven

  5. Malik Badar says:

    Hailing from famous Patiala Gharana, Asad was son of famous musician Ustad Amanat Ali Khan.
    His great-grandfather, Ali Bux Khan, was the founder of the Patiala Gharana. His grandfather.
    Asad owed much of his early recognition to his late father’s famous numbers.
    Quite often his concert would round off with Insha’a Jee utho, abb cooch karo â€