Picture of the Day: Silent Against Domestic Violence

Posted on April 21, 2007
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Adil Najam

Sometimes one is left completely speechless. And I was upon seeing this picture in the Daily Times (21 April) of a man beating his wife as their son looks on.

But the real story here is about a society that chooses to loose its speech and prefers to remain silent in the face of a wide scale menace of acute domestic violence and spousal (and familial) abuse of women.

This is not something that is restricted only to the poorest classes. Although it is often hidden behind ‘sufaid poshi’ such violence against women is more common in our society than most of us would care to accept. Remember, for example, the case of former Pakistan cricket captain Moin Khan who was taken in custody after beating his wife while drunk.

I wonder what the child in this photograph will grow up thinking. I wonder how many children have grown up witnessing such scenes. I wonder what such emotional scars have done to them.

It is indeed true that such incidents of violence happen all over the world. There is no evidence at all that they happen more in Pakistan than elsewhere. In terms of reported cases they may be even less. But that is not the point. This is not a competition.

Saying that it happens everywhere or that it happens even more in other places is neither an excuse nor a consolation. One case would, in my opinion, be one too many. And there are clearly much more than one. As Pakistanis – no, as human beings – we must speak against such violence everywhere; but, first within our own society.

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  1. MQ says:

    Mohtram Adnan Siddiqui Sahib,

    Yad aavri ka shukriyah! But I don’t remember recommending any course to you or to anyone else on secularism — not that I can remember. But if did recommend something and you seriously followed my recommendation, as you say you did, then I take it as a compliment.

  2. [quote post=”667″]in an offensive manner, that they should take a course in History 101 or Religion 101 or Something Else 101.[/quote]

    :-)- actually I learnt this technique from our vetran commenter Mast Qalander[MQ] who several times advised me to take course of secularism101 *grin*

    [quote post=”667″]1. Etiquette 001 and[/quote]

    I could if this course would have brought some positive changes in you. after experiencing you, it seems that course was not properly designed and had lots of loopholes.

    [quote post=”667″]2. English 101[/quote]

    English is Not my first language so I have no complex at all.

    By the way saif mian, I must praise your hypocrisy. At one side you are pointing out my “offensive” manner while you yourself demonstrating same by advising me to take “english” course- Bravo my friend!

  3. Saif says:

    A frequent commenter on this blog, who also appears on this thread, to prove that people who disagree with him are wrong, repeatedly advises them, in an offensive manner, that they should take a course in History 101 or Religion 101 or Something Else 101.

    May I suggest a couple of courses he himself should should consider taking at the earliest opportunity:

    1. Etiquette 001 and
    2. English 101

  4. Qudsia says:

    I think if this law is passed it will be a good thing.

    At least it will be a deterrant for some

  5. Asghar says:

    yaaro, kissi cheez ko tu choR d

    If this happens it will be good… but I think attitudes here are too hard… khuda khair karey

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