ATP Quiz: Where in Pakistan is this River?

Posted on June 18, 2007
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I posted about Princess of Hope in my last ATP Quiz and I was pleasantly surprised to see that many readers guessed it easily. I thought this time I should ask readers to make a guess on this beautiful river of Pakistan. I took this picture back in 2003 and have visited this place 3 times since then. Each time I have visited this place and river, I have found it more and more polluted and growing deforestation in surrounding areas.
More on pollution and deforestation in Pakistan later. First let’s see if you can guess which river is it and where. Happy Guessing :).

21 responses to “ATP Quiz: Where in Pakistan is this River?”

  1. There is a difference between the layouts of the Swat and Kaghan/Kunhar river valleys.
    The Kaghan/Kunhar river valley is narrower with steeper mountains whereas the Swat river valley has mountains set apart making the valley wider and a more scenic look.

  2. Ayesha says:

    This looks like River Kunhar. Can be River Swat too as they both look like same, surrounded by mountains.

    @tina: they way we have been wiping out our forests, there will be none left in next 40-50 years. Papers mills are just one reason of deforestation. I am not sure though if they are major factor in deforestation in Pakistan.

  3. Let me make refine my earlier guess, this is “River Swat near Chakdarra, Charsadda, Mardan district”

  4. imrANwar says:

    I think its Sawat river just outside the SedoSharif its a picnic point there i forgot the name of the place though

  5. aac says:

    I think its mohandant lake in kalaam, swat

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