Posted on September 27, 2007
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34 responses to “Emerging Entrepreneurship in Pakistan”

  1. Muhammad Azam says:

    thanx 4 ur accomodation……….!

  2. Aziz Khan says:

    Thanks for the post, Babar. I strongly believe that the way out for Pakistanis is to have more entrepneuers than “employees”. I would love to partner with anyone for my Future Entrepneurs of Pakistan project. You can learn more about visiting or my linkedin at

  3. I agree with Imran Niaz. UMT (previously known as ILM) has shown significant improvements in terms of its campus, extra-curricular activities, number of programs introduced and of course, the faculty which is considered the best faculty of business schools. Plus, it is directly competing with LUMS; in fact, many of our faculty members used were in LUMS before they joined UMT. And being an HR professional, I know that majority of UMT graduates are placed in top-notch companies. So I believe it should come in the top ten ranking.

  4. Muhammad Gillani says:

    i am a student of computer science in NU-FAST Islamabad.
    I do not want to do a job what i want is to be an entrepreneur, but do not know how to be. So please guide me from where should i start and what should i do. (I do not want my future in coding fiedl :). . .)