Disturbing Images from Islamabad: Shameful and Needless Violence Against Lawyers and Protestors

Posted on September 29, 2007
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Adil Najam

The stream of disturbing images from Islamabad continues. It has left one dumbfounded. But one must never be silent in the face of injustice. Of the many disturbing reports and images that have been floating in, there is probably none more poignantly disturbing than this one from ARY:

pakistan police media lawyers

Violence, of course, can only beget violence, and one saw this too in the manhandling of the State Minister for Information, Tariq Azeem. Yet more evidence that violence is replacing discourse as the mode of disagreement in Pakistani society.

Tariq Azeem Manhandled

This is not a question of which side you are on. Ultimately you have to be against violence. We have written about shameful violence and police brutality before – tearing down the shalwar of a young man in a ‘missing persons’ protest and then also against the lawyers during the CJ movement. But this is not just shameful; it is needless. Now there are also reports of muzzling the media; another tactic we have seen before. It demonstrates the government’s slipping grip on power, but it also demonstrates a society that is so torn that every issues – may it be religious, social or political – has to end in violence.

The government, after all, has already gotten the verdict it wanted. At least let the people vent out their anger. There is nothing to be gained from this violence. For a nation that has already lost so much, this is merely also losing whatever little dignity that might have remained. As I have written already in a comment elsewhere, history shall judge the merit of the decision that was given by the Supreme Court on the 28th of September, but the violence of the 29th of September was shameful and needless and will remain (yet another) blot of our national political psyche.

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  1. sallahudin says:

    On Mr Toor’s light hearted observation.

    I can only say that this is exactly the sort of thinking that has brought us to this situation. If a human has enough food and basic shelter he should be satisfied.

    That brings me to conclusion that in general Pakistanis are over fed and over tolerated. They should all be sent to work to get rid of excess fat.

    If any of our brothers or sisters who think they are not having a good deal in this country then they should cross over and see how long the others will put up with their unreasonable behaviour. That includes all who dont take part in building of our nation but are very happy to take part in destruction.


  2. Saleem A. Toor says:

    On Freedom of Expression in the homeland:

    A weak dog was crossing the border from India to Pakistan when he saw another fat one coming from the other side. Here is how the conversation goes:

    Pakistani dog: Hey, what’s up, are you moving over to Pakistan?
    Indian dog: Yes dear, you know, there is no food out here in India. Lots of people live under poverty line and it becomes difficult for us to find food. I thought Pakistan would be better – as I can see from your health. But why are you crossing the border over to India?

    Pakistani dog: You are right. We get sufficient to eat and in general life is ok but there is one genuine problem we are facing in Pakistan.

    Indian dog: And what is that, to be precise.

    Pakistani dog: Well, everything is fine in this piece of land except that we are not allowed to bark! So keep this thing in mind when you cross over. Good luck!

  3. sallahudin says:

    It seems incredible that this generation of Pakistanis have abandoned their brain so much that they are unable to comprehend this devestating situation developing in our beloved nation.
    All four institutions judiciary, media, politicians and government are riding on a horse which seems to be high on banned sustances. No one has the gall to stand back and think with their empty brain which way we are heading.
    We are doing what the westernised nations namely America wants us to do. When American and allies entered Afghanistan and Iraq it was widely interpreted that Pakistan will be next. As far as i can gather America or its allies dont have the gutts to enter our nation. They cannot control around twenty million muslims, how are they going to control 160 million. That made them devise a plan wherby they dont have to do nothing rather we will destroy each other to make it easy for satan.
    All our differences aside we need to sit togather agree to differ and work for the country. Why is it that everyone in Pakistan wants to be the Prime minister nothing else?
    Sadly all our four institutions are battling to hid their incompetences and the way they are embrioled in corruption. Is there any party in Pakistan ahich itself is democratic? so it is hypocritical of them to beat drums to that effect.
    I totally diagree with your comments, i like to think that people need to look at themselves first before they criticize others. These so called politicians who are resigning from the parliament, who are they kidding. The assemblies are suppose to desolved very soon and to me this is a synical attempt to show hapeless public that they care about them. Yet in reality they are only losing about two weeks pay. How devestatingly hypocritical of them.
    I also would like to ask a question. Does every sane person not agree that by beating ministers are we not a precidence to be followed later on? if this happens to the ministers of the new government will they be right in crying foul? As they say you reap what you sow.

    With regards

  4. Fahim says:

    I had been shaken to see all that drama… How could Government be so much cruel to the people? But this is really sad that they claim to have given freedom to media… also read other interesting posts at the following link:

    http://www.chowrangi.com/police-of-terroristan.htm l

    http://www.chowrangi.com/why-the-nation-doesnt-com e-out-on-the-streets.html

  5. syed ali raza says:

    the so called “CIVIL” institutions reacted as usual, when the court ruled in favor of MUSH, all of the sudden the lawyers & yellow journalists dropped any sense of civility & went on full blown rampage, they deserved it since these very looyahs & churnalists were totally silent when SHARIF & CO attacked the supreme court & were bowing their heads in front of ZIA, so i ask every one a question why this sudden impulse to rid musharaf, iam guessing the reason is more cynical than most would want every one to believe. GOOD

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