ATP Quiz – Guess what is it and where in Pakistan?

Posted on December 13, 2007
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Some of you must be thinking that this is a private home or a tourist hotel somewhere in northern areas. Nah, you are wrong. Yes, it is a famous place so I am sure may of ATP readers will guess it easily but some might find it difficult specially those who have never been to this place. So let’s see how many of you can guess what is this thing and exactly where? Happy guessing )

22 responses to “ATP Quiz – Guess what is it and where in Pakistan?”

  1. Dr.mansoor says:

    Its Taxila museum as near by to this I had been posted in POF Hospital as a physician

  2. yeah its taxila museum and I remember its leaf covered rounded, side entrances :)

  3. I first and only guess is, The Museum Building in Texilla. I visited this place more than 40 years aro and I still remember it as if I was there recently. The only building with lush creepers in Pakistan. I hope this museum has not been robbed of its precious artifacts like the museum in Lahore.

  4. legaleagle says:

    this is actually the REAR of the Taxila Museum which is about 30 minutes drive from Islamabad. The door that you see in the center is actually ornamented by a wall sample that shows Taxila civilization construction methods over the centuries. From simple rocks to actually using cement! This exit exactly behind the main entrance of the Museum (which is facing the Haripur Road). Next to this Museum is the house of the curator which has excellent grounds that were built during the British era as was this Museum. Enuff Said!

  5. Umar says:

    Quaid’s residence in Ziarat if not taxila museum?

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