ATP Quiz: What is This and Where in Pakistan?

Posted on February 13, 2008
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I think many ATP readers might find this one very interesting. This is an ancient rock picture located somewhere in Pakistan. Can you guess what is it and exactly where? In case you know about it, please share as many details as you can. I must tell you though that the current status of this rock picture is unfortunate and sad.Happy guessing.

Note: We will let you know about the photographer and his website after few days.

20 responses to “ATP Quiz: What is This and Where in Pakistan?”

  1. Farhan Ahmed says:

    I have no clue what it is. But it must be in NWFP, possibly in Swat area. What is it darvesh?

  2. Janeeta says:

    As I have said earlier that the above picture is a petroglyph of a Buddhist stupa near Chilas. Such petroglyphs are a common sight along Silk Route (Chilas and Thalpan Bridge). Roughly 30,000 petroglyphs and 5,000 inscriptions have been found covering a 100 km area along the Indus River. These petroglyphs include images of animals, caravans, and stupas.

    Stupa is a mound like structure used as a grave site since pre-historic times. In Buddhist architecture stupa hold a significant place. It has been said that Buddha ordered his disciples to place his ashes in a stupa built at a cross section of four roads, as was contemporary Indian tradition for the funeral of great men. After the death of Buddha his ashes were divided into eight kingdoms, where eight stupas were built. Each of these stupas is symbolic of eight major events in Buddha

  3. Shahzad Khan says:

    Takh-i-Bhai? A budhist symbol there?

  4. Fed Up with Cynicism says:

    Jaded, so what you are saying is that you really don’t know… that’s the real sad part about how you treat your minorities, those cynics who make such silly statements themselves don’t even care enough to know!

    The cynicism of those shedding crocodile tears for extremism is really sad here.. the fact is that they don’t care and know either… most relics are destroyed in Pakistan not by the extremism of the religious but by the neglect of the supposedly culturally sensitive crowd. Shame on all of you cynics!

  5. Pakistan Zindabad says:

    A budhist picture somewhere in the northern areas now destroyed by the religious extremism.

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