Architecture Pakistan: True Blue in Lahore

Posted on February 19, 2008
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Owais Mughal

Photo Credits belong to Zafar Iqbal at The subject is a brightly colored house in Lahore. Also note the use of spot lights for night illumination as well as the few resting pigeons at the scaffoldings.

Gawalmandi Lahore

10 responses to “Architecture Pakistan: True Blue in Lahore”

  1. Pardon the pun guys – Lahore Blues!!!!!!!!!

    I apologise in advance but I am in a cheerful mood thanks to the upcoming demise of Mush & Co, I cannot say it better other than saying Pakistan Zindabad, see below:



  2. A concerned pakistani says:

    Erm, its a house in Gawalmandi food street! And it was renovated like that for tourism purposes

  3. Aamer says:

    is that the actual color of the building? all original?

  4. Malique says:

    very pretentious but so cultural!

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