Posted on March 24, 2008
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52 responses to “A Trip to Saidpur: Khawaja Khizar in Islamabad”

  1. Moiza says:

    Hello Shivani shehkar, im currently making a documentary on Saudpur village and its old culture and i need some information. Can you please help me with that. Ill be really thankful.

  2. shivani shekhar says:

    hello,pakistan.This is shivani shekhar searching saidpur in pakistan ,actually my grandfatherand and his sister belongs to saidpur only,before 1947 one fight had occured between hindu and muslim so after that only they shifted india . Ineed a small help here i don’t know why this curiosity suddenly come up in me but i really want to search their home may be their home r not still there but by god grace this may b there hence i only want that if any people of saidpur read this pleassssssssse give me some information about this my nanu name is shri laxmi narayan lal,ryt now he is86and not welland he really want to go saidpur to search out some his belove so please help me pn behalf of him i’m here.You can contact me through my email.THANK U.