Posted on June 29, 2008
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19 responses to “Civil Services Is No Longer An Alluring Career for Pakistanis”

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    The successor to ICS, is the CSP and is predecessor of DMG. ZAB’s reforms of 1973 reorganized some aspects, but much was left intact.

    Historically, these group of officers have filled more assignments than their fair share or scope. Most of the civil positions that are provincial subjects and therefore have always been part of the Provincial Civil Service officers were filled by the CSP (now DMG).

    Worse, most of the top positions wind up with retired military officers making matters worse for the provincial subjects and promotions within the provincial services.

    The top-down trend continues. Villages of all the Mai Jori Jamalis of Pakistan do not get any allocation of resources because there is no one from the local areas pleading their cases. And if the DMG officers, generally from larger cities, get the best allocation of resources, how could they even relate to the plight of Mai Jori Jamali?

    If there is one group of people who can be directly traced to the breakup of Pakistan, it is the CSP. Upon appointment to East Pakistan, they would go there and insult the Bengali brothers by talking down to them; in Urdu.

    The rest is history and commentary.

  2. Watan Aziz says:

    It is the loss of the unique service culture where the DC and his team functioned as relatively neutral state agents, mediated between the citizens and the state; and could potentially resist political influence.



    Take me to Disney Land!

  3. Ahmad R. Shahid says:

    True we need good people in each and every domain but there must also be jobs for those people. If people start learning creative arts or writing or whatever, and at the end of the day there are no jobs for them, that would only lead to more frustration and lesser stable society. So what professions people adopt should and always indeed depends on what they think would help them make a good living. If the government is ready to pay the civil servants what they deserve, people would start adopting it as a career, otherwise not. And there indeed is demand for skills imparted to a civil servant, he/she would have to be paid accordingly.

  4. faisal says:

    @Eidee Man
    “No, I did not. The groups you mention are not part of government in any significant number. I was obviously referring to political people who work over the civil servants.”

    Yes you are right they are not part of the Govt., in fact, they are the Govt. in their areas and that makes them better than MQM?

    “Also, perhaps you should consider why so many people are indeed speaking out against the MQM; I don