ATP Quiz: Lakeside Splendor

Posted on September 18, 2008
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Adil Najam

This picture is worth looking at for its photographic value alone. But can you guess where in Pakistan this was taken? (Photographer credits will be shared later).

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  1. Bazi says:


    This is the Rawal Lake in Ibd/Pindi. The lights in view are of the newly developed ‘Lake View Park’ (I think that’s the name and a wonderful place) situated at the north-western bank of the lake. (Formerly a quiet, reclusive fishing spot)

    The photo has been taken from the (old) main tourist spot on the other (southern) bank of the lake, looking towards the park. The park is similarly very heavily and nicely lighted. The bright lights in the middle are of a boating jetty & the lights at right end are of a viewpoint & to the left of a recreational area. In the background are the Margalla Hills (although thats the only doubtful feature since the hills seems to be deceptively or otherwise v.close to the lake).

    In the later case, the only other option seems to be Kalar Kahar Lake (because of the proximity and the height of the hills). For me the lighting makes it the Rawal Lake.


  2. Faraz says:

    Can we get the answer now please, before this is sent back to page 2 and everyone forgets about it?

  3. Darwaish says:

    Surely, this is Hanna Lake in Quetta.

    Actually, this picture is a close match of River Swat at night if you look from eastern hills towards north-west but since the quiz says it is a lake so my guess is Hanna Lake.

  4. SJ says:

    Hanna Lake Quetta

  5. Nasir Jamal says:

    It looks like a stream to me.

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