khud gharzi

Posted on December 24, 2008
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8 responses to “khud gharzi

  1. Ashraf says:

    Mazza aa gaya. Very powerful.

  2. Waqas says:

    Simply EXCELLENT

  3. DuFFeR says:

    very nice expressed, the social habits (better cal these values now), we are known by. i think the most hurting thing is when we expect from others. better we stop expecting and live a life without blaming others. thats what the poet has expressed in the last couplet of the poem.
    very nice post :)

  4. Isloo says:

    Wow, what a moving piece of poetry! and so true about social relations in general.

    By the way who is this gadagar?

  5. Qausain Ali says:

    Chalo chpalain takleef ko raaton kay lie,
    Kay sab yahan apnay hain khushi ki baton kay lie.
    wah kia baat hay…

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